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Pursue your Psy.D. degree at Regent University, Virginia Beach.

C-26 Public Disclosure

Regent’s Psy.D. program prepares its graduates well for practice in clinical psychology and offers a distinctive focus in addressing spiritually oriented issues. Research has shown spirituality to be a substantially underrepresented area of training in the psychological professions. Regent graduates are trained to master all discipline-specific knowledge and profession-wide competencies that are required for APA-accredited programs. In addition, all graduates attain a program-specific competency focused on the integration of psychology and a Christian worldview. Because of this additional area of training, our graduates develop transferable skills in working with people from a wide spectrum of faith traditions. Our students are not required to personally adhere to a Christian worldview but do consent to being taught from a Christian worldview-integrative stance and to abide by community standards while on campus. Further information can be found in the student handbook. Faculty and staff do sign a statement of faith and agree to abide by community standards. For those unfamiliar with this integration of psychology and Christianity, this chapter from a text written by two of our faculty presents an overview of that longstanding project in the field. Students in Regent’s Psy.D. program come from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds. We value and deeply appreciate the rich diversity of the student body. We strive to create a warm and accepting environment for all students.