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Regent University Behavioral Intervention Team (RUBIT)

The Regent University administrative, faculty, staff and student community espouse a foundation of academic excellence based on Christian worldview principles. The objective of producing top Christian leaders who operate in pivotal professions is of primary importance to the university’s mission. However, in the event issues arise that warrant concern for the safety of our faculty, staff or students, policies are in place for addressing disruptive, suspicious, or unusual behavior. In particular, these policies function to provide direction in handling homicidal, suicidal, assault or self-injurious threats and behavior.

The Regent University Behavioral Intervention Team (RUBIT) was established to provide guidance, uphold policies and address faculty, staff and student safety needs. The members of this team consist of the Executive Vice President for Student Life, Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, Senior Vice President/General Counsel, Associate Vice President for Student Life, Director of Student Activities & Leadership/Title IX Coordinator, Chief of Police, Captain of Police, Sgt./Investigator of Police, Director of Counseling & Disability Services, Director of Campus Ministries, and Vice President of Human Resources (if an employee is involved). The RUBIT may involve other university representatives depending on the nature of the concern addressed.

Regent University serves as a center of Christian thought and action to provide excellent education through a biblical perspective and global context equipping Christian leaders to change the world.

In support to this mission, Regent University’s Behavioral Intervention Team (RUBIT) is dedicated to insure that the campus is a safe environment where learning, personal and spiritual growth, and professional development can occur.

The RUBIT Protocol was established to provide clear parameters regarding campus incidents that warrant attention. There are three key categories:

  1. Self-injurious behavior (i.e., suicidal ideation/attempt, cutting behavior, dangerous alcohol/substance consumption, etc.)
  2. Disruptive behavior that violates campus community safety (i.e., homicidal threats, stalking, assault, email/Blackboard bullying, carrying weapons, etc.)
  3. Unusual behavior (i.e., changes in personality, depressive symptoms, shifts in mood, unexplained irritability and/or lethargy, hopelessness, etc.)

Once an incident is reported to the RUBIT, members of the Committee determine the appropriate steps to address the situation. This process is based on the severity of the concern, the ability of the person in question to engage in the resolution, and the circumstances of the situation.

The RUBIT utilizes a template, Mental Health Issues Response Guidelines, for addressing high-risk and low-risk concerns of both students and non-students.

Student, faculty or staff members who fail to comply with directives established by the RUBIT may be removed, temporarily or permanently, from the university for campus safety and student concern. In situations of elevated concern for campus safety, the student, faculty or staff member may be asked not to return to campus until certain criteria are met.

RUBIT is designed to protect the campus and is not a disciplinary tool, though discipline can result from actions giving rise to the RUBIT report, or other violations of campus policies.

If you observe the behavior of a student, faculty or staff member that warrants concern, please complete and submit the RUBIT Concern Report form. By submitting this form, you will notify the Regent University Behavioral Intervention Team (RUBIT) for follow up purposes. Your submission will be handled with discretion and reviewed by RUBIT with the consideration of campus and personal safety in mind. Please complete each section of the form for accuracy of information and follow-up contact (if necessary). Thank you for your commitment to a safe campus and the well-being of those connected with Regent University.

Taking the step to express a concern about someone can evoke mixed feelings. Following are a few questions to explore as you consider your options.

You are registering a concern based on an observed behavior (e.g., verbal exchange, action, etc.), not making a determination. By alerting the appropriate campus representatives, a safety determination can be made.

As a caring individual, you may desire to reason with or explore the source of thee actions of the person in question. However, based on the threat level, this mentoring approach may not be the best course of action. Always assess the risk. Should you have any concern about your safety or the safety of others, your best course of action for the safety of all involved is to access intervention from people who are trained in these areas.

Sometimes we don’t have all the evidence. Let the Regent University Behavioral Intervention Team (RUBIT) weigh the information and see if gathering more facts is warranted as a response plan is evaluated. Bring what you have because others may have evidence too.

Although action will depend upon the situation, the RUBIT will intervene in support of the person of concern, as well as campus safety.

The RUBIT is the primary responding body at the university. In the event that additional resources need to be mobilized in order to effectively respond to a situation, reported information will be handled discretely.

The majority of reports will stay on file for six (6) years; however, depending on the situation, some reports may stay on file for a longer period of time.

You are doing the right thing in reporting your concerns in support of individuals’ and our campus’s safety. However, this action may also raise concern for the person(s) involved. The RUBIT takes into account the concerns of the campus, as well as the needs of the student, faculty or staff member about whom concerns are expressed. Whether the overall review of information will adversely affect the person’s student or employee status will depend on the situation.

RUBIT will address every report that is brought to the committee. However, you may not be privy to the outcome of an investigation based on the factors involved.

RUBIT will attempt to handle all matters discreetly. We cannot guarantee that the person(s) involved will not be able to figure out the source of the report. However, our intention is not to divulge this information.

You are encouraged to identify yourself because this may assist the RUBIT if clarification or additional information is needed. Submitting your name also gives your report more credence. Anonymous entries will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Several resources are available for you to get additional information and/or support. If you have questions for the RUBIT, contact us at

Following is list of national, regional and local resources. These are provided for guidance to you only, and you should make your own determination as to which of these, if any, are most appropriate to your situation. Regent University makes no representation or warranty as to these services.