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Graduates of Regent University during a commencement ceremony.

Regent Alumni

Regent University was established with the mission of developing Christian Leadership to Change the World. Today, we have over 35,000 alumni across the globe, creating a positive impact on lives. Learn about these individuals, trace their journeys, witness the positive influence they are creating. We are honored to have helped individuals become equipped for their calling. 

Regent has prepared alumni to succeed in their careers and make a positive difference in the world.

  • Regent alumni work in 74% of the top Fortune 100 companies
  • Over 900 alumni serve as C-level leaders in organizations
  • Over 1,200 alumni are employed as faculty at 636 colleges and universities
  • 15 alumni serve as university presidents
  • 1,100 alumni serve as pastors, missionaries and ministry leaders
  • 56 alumni are sitting judges—71 in total have served as judges
  • Plus, 865 alumni have been recognized as Teachers of the Year
  • And, a governor and lieutenant governor are among our successful alumni.

Teachers of the Year
Regent Graduates are in 74% of the Top Fortune 100 Companies
15 University Presidents

Notable Alumni

“When you’re leading the largest city in the Commonwealth, you realize quickly, you can’t do it by yourself … so I pray. Regent was a vital factor in my spiritual growth and my professional growth.”

Bobby Dyer, Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership, 1998 Mayor, City of Virginia Beach

“It was the beginning stages of Regent's D.Min. program that really helped define my leadership gift and lay a foundation for what the Lord has done. It gave me the practical tools that I needed.”

Mark Batterson, D.Min., 2013 Lead Pastor of National Community Church in Washington, D.C.; New York Times Best-Selling Author

“Regent trained me to be a skilled decision-maker.”

Sharon Weston Broome, M.A. in Communication, 1984 Mayor-President of Baton Rouge-East Baton Rouge Parish