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Regent University is exercising measures to protect its students, faculty and staff in light of the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the declaration of a national emergency.

Special Accommodations and Requirements for Potential and Confirmed Cases of Coronavirus

We are prayerful that the Coronavirus will not affect the university or the Hampton Roads area, but as part of our continuity plan please be reminded that the university allows supervisors to require employees to work from home. Quick decisions on approval of medical leave or working from home temporarily due to any flu like symptoms is encouraged during this time. Any employee who is unable to work from home, or who has special technological needs, should contact their supervisor.

Any individual traveling to a destination with a CDC Level 2 or higher will be required to work from home for at least 14 days following the trip and provide documentation of a negative test result before returning to work on campus.

Extended paid medical leave (up to 3 additional weeks) will be allowed for employees who provide a doctor’s certificate confirming a Coronavirus diagnosis.

Patty Brown, Director of HR, is serving as central tracker of all potential Coronavirus cases (flu-like symptoms, etc.) within the university. All supervisors are instructed to report to Mrs. Brown ( anyone who goes on medical leave or is working from home and reports symptoms that might potentially be diagnosed as Coronavirus, and all confirmed cases of Coronavirus.

Source: Martha Smith