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Singer-Songwriter Jason Upton ‘00 Speaks on God’s Trustworthiness

Jason Upton.
Jason Upton.

“You’ll never change the world unless you realize Jesus loves you more than he wants to use you,” singer-songwriter Jason Upton ’00 (School of Divinity) said to Regent University students, faculty and staff. “You’re useful, but Jesus doesn’t start his relationships with how useful you are.”

Upton spoke at the weekly University Chapel service on Wednesday, February 17th as a modest world-changer himself. But before he was a worship leader, he was a humble student, and used his gifts to lead on Regent’s campus. “My wife, Rachel, and I loved our time here,” he said. “I remember leading worship and carrying equipment into the Moot Court Room; it was loud.”

Upton reflected on his life as a Christ-follower. And through his own spiritual journey, he’s discovered one thing:

“Jesus is anything but predictable,” said Upton.

The key to following Christ, according to Upton, is leaning into the “prophetic.” And to become a “prophetic people,” Christ’s followers must stay awake to the things he’s awake to.

For instance, Upton painted the picture of Jesus sleeping through the wind and waves crashing around him before he calmed the storm in Mark 4. Jesus, however, urged his disciples to stay awake during the emotional battle in the fateful Garden of Gethsemane.

This, to Upton, is a perfect example of learning how to focus on what is truly important, and where the focus of a disciple of Christ should be.

“The Bible doesn’t say not to worry. It says not to worry about tomorrow,” said Upton. “It means not flipping on CNN and worrying about what the world worries about. It’s about being a prophetic people. Worrying about what Christ worries about.”

According to Upton, this dependence on God is what “wins the day.”

“Don’t pray for certainty, pray that you can trust,” said Upton. “Grow. Fail. Fall down. Because sin happens when you don’t allow yourself to grow.”

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