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Regent University's Track and Field team members at a competition.

Regent University’s Track and Field Team Completes First Year with Excellence

On April 15, 2017, the Regent University Track and Field team competed in the last meet of the 2016-2017 season at Christopher Newport University in Newport News, Virginia. Through a year of early-morning practices, weight training, traveling and competing, the team members pushed themselves to new levels and proved themselves worthy of a prosperous finish to a great first season.

These history-makers experienced physical, mental, social, and spiritual growth through this season, and each person’s endeavors deserve ample recognition.

Following in the footsteps of team captain Jonathan Kemp ’18, College of Arts and Sciences and Sarah Golden ’20 (CAS) reached athletic excellence as she became Regent’s first female athlete to qualify for nationals. Golden ran the 400-meter race in 61.83 seconds.

On her achievement and experience with this team, Golden said, “It was a really good season that provided discipline and experience for the rest to come. It was my goal to qualify for nationals so I’m excited that I managed to accomplish that! I hope that next season I continue to improve and run a faster time. I can only go up from here, so I’m excited for what the future will bring.”

This season has pushed each athlete to eliminate boundaries and break comfort zones, not only on the track but in their everyday lives.

On his participation as a team member, Garrett Allred ’20 (CAS) commented, “There’s a lot you learn about yourself both physically and mentally through this. At times it can be an emotional strain, but there is incredible growth if you choose to embrace and work through all the pain.”

When asked why he joined the track team, Benjamin Sese-Khalid ’20 (CAS) remarked, “I joined this team because I am an athlete, and I love to run. People have always told me I’m fast. I am dedicated to commanding my mind, body and spirit to be one. This team, the coaches, [and] the administration teach how to do this. I have learned discipline and sacrifice, but more so I have gained a family — people who were not my own are now mine. I have a people.”