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Regent University’s Fall Endowed Film Gives Students “More Than” an Average Experience

Although fall break is a time for most Regent University students to take a break from their studies and work, and get some much-needed rest, students working on the School of Communication and the Arts’ fall endowed film, “More Than,” spent their week-long hiatus from class working on a film set.

“Filmmaking at Regent is all about careful pre-production,” said Dr. Andrew Quicke, SCA professor and joint executive producer for the film. “This includes a student-written screenplay, location research and locked locations, casting from theater students and talent from the local community plus rehearsals, set building both by a professional set builder and by students with paintbrushes, then the actual filming week with a Hollywood-sized crew of over 30.”

“It’s … a great experience in learning how a big production takes place,” said Cassia Sherrill CAS ’19. “It’s getting me a lot of experience with what it will actually be like in the industry, and I’m super excited about going forward and going to Hollywood.”

The film’s plot centers on the story of a mother and daughter undergoing strains in their relationship. Their relationship, director Kiel Thorlton SCA ’17 said, is used to demonstrate the “agape” love of Christ.

“We look to God as the father, as a parent, so we really wanted to explore a mother and a daughter — that parent relationship,” said Thorlton. “It’s a beautiful story.”

“It’s an amazing set,” he also said. “We have between 30-40 crew [members] at any time, an awesome cast, everybody knows their job, they know exactly where they need to be.”

“It’s a great film, a great story, it’s a great set,” Thorlton said. “It’s awesome.”

SCA’s endowed films are used in student film competitions. Students who participate in creating the films are allowed a chance to showcase their work, compete with their peers and create more opportunities for professional development and employment.

The film’s first major showing will be housed in Regent’s theatre on April 25, 2018.

“We learned much about the industry, the importance of professionalism on a film team, and how working within professional constraints and work flows can make a project more creative and dynamic,” said the film’s producer, Krista Creighton. “Personally, I’m very excited to see the story come together. It’s heart-felt and redemptive, and a story worth telling. I’m proud to have been a part of this project.”