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Regent law school alumni secured the top overall bar passage rate above all other law schools in Virginia in the February 2018 bar exam.

Regent University School of Law Secures Top Overall Bar Passage

Once again, Regent University School of Law (LAW) alumni secured the top overall bar passage rate above all other law schools in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The Virginia Board of Bar Examiners (VBBE) released the results from the February 2018 bar exam in mid-April:

Overall Bar Passage Rate in the Commonwealth of Virginia


Bar passage rate of law schools in Virginia.

Test-takers with their law degree from Regent passed the Virginia Bar Exam at an 81.82 percent rate – a six percent lead over the University of Virginia, and 17.53 percent lead over the College of William and Mary.

“I am thrilled for our graduates,” said LAW Dean Michael Hernandez. “I am especially pleased with and proud of our faculty who mentor our students and invest in them individually.”

Hernandez acknowledged the efforts of LAW professor Ben Madison, who leads Regent LAW’s bar passage initiatives.

Earlier this year, Regent alumni passed the July 2017 bar with a 94.59 percent overall passage rate – 23 percent above the statewide average. Hernandez said that Regent’s continued lead in overall bar passage rate is a “great sign,” and he hopes that students graduating from Regent will continue to excel in bar passage rates for years to come.

“This result, for the second time in a row, demonstrates an unbeatable combination of great students, excellent faculty, and curriculum and programs that train our students to do what God has called them to do,” said Hernandez.