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Michele Bachmann, Jim Hoft and Joe Hoft, the moderator and speakers of Regent University's election integrity conference.

Regent University Presents: American Election Integrity With Jim and Joe Hoft from The Gateway Pundit

Watch the third video in the Robertson School of Government (RSG) American Election Integrity series below. In this video, moderated by former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann who now services as RSG dean, you’ll gain an overview of voting irregularities information presented by editors, Jim and Joe Hoft, of one of the largest conservative websites in the United States, The Gateway

Key Topics: election integrity, voter irregularities, voter fraud

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On Tuesday, March 23, 2021, Regent University’s Robertson School of Government (RSG) hosted a highly attended virtual conference on the critical topic of election integrity in America. Moderated by RSG Dean and former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, this event included seven hours of timely discussion on every citizen’s right to vote in a free and fair election.