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The on-campus pep rally at Regent University, Virginia Beach, VA 23464.

Regent University Launches Brand-New Team Name at On-Campus Pep Rally

We Are the Royals: Proclaiming Christ in All Things.

For nearly four decades our community has been united by the collective vision and mission of Regent University.

And just as a “regent” is at the ready to stand in for a king, the Royals must train up to endure the race set before them with honor, integrity, kindness, courage, wisdom and competition.

On Friday, August 25, Regent University’s Office of Alumni Relations & Special Events revealed the Regent Royals as the new team name to more than 1,000 students, faculty, staff and alumni in a corporate sea of blue and green at an on-campus pep rally.

“On behalf of my father, Dr. Pat Robertson, it is my honor to unveil for the very first time the Regent University team name and logo,” said Vice President of Alumni Relations & Special Events, Ann LeBlanc at the launch event for the team name, which showcased the 157 student athletes making up Regent’s current track and field, soccer, volleyball and cheerleading teams.

A team name that celebrates the blend of competition and excellence of our growing Regent Athletics participants. A name that honors Regent’s past while laying groundwork for a prosperous future.

What’s in a Name?

“Royals,” is derived from 1 Peter 2:9 which states, “you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His own special people, that you may proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light.”

For Dr. Joseph Umidi, Executive Vice President for Student Life, to be a “Regent Royal” is to assume the identity of “humility and servanthood.”

“We want to model what that means, that we’re great competitors but also we’re serving the whole sports industry with a heart to be competitive but to also be servants,” said Umidi. “For the athletic program to come forth now in our fortieth year is a rallying point for our university. I think it’s going to bring us together with a new sense of identity.”

An homage to the former things, a promise for the future – the name “Royals” was selected by the university after months of research and focus groups. “Royals” emerged because of its close association and alignment with the name Regent.

For Such a Time as This

Fall semester 2017 is a milestone in our university’s history in many ways. We’ve achieved enrollment growth for three consecutive years, exceeding 10,000 this fall. We’ve continued to gain and continue to attain quality rankings from U.S. News & World Report and Military Times.

The Regent Athletics program is no exception. Since its genesis in Spring 2017, the Regent Track & Field team has produced two NCCAA national qualifying athletes, Sarah Golden ’20 (CAS) and Jonathan Kemp ’18 (CAS).

However, with the growth and success the university has seen and the promising start for student athletes as they enter the sports arena, director of Student Activities/Leadership and Athletic Director Roger Cheeks says that being a true “Regent Royal,” is about “winning at character” as they represent Christ on and off the court.

“If we can win at being disciples of Christ, then the other wins will come,” said Cheeks. “I’m excited about watching these student athletes do well in school, dedicated to do well in athletics and dedicated to do well as Christians.”

Christ-followers first. Athletes second. Bold protectors. Strong defenders. And above all: Christian leaders on and off the field.

Regent Athletics Mission Statement:

Regent University student athletes are leaders defined by the character of Christ they carry into every avenue of their sport.

They are driven at their core by the mission and vision of the university. They seek to refine their athletic skills and talent on a deeper level as they encourage their teammates to succeed at their highest capacity.

Regent athletes represent every trait of true sportsmanship: honor, integrity, kindness, courage, wisdom and competition. They are power without aggression. They are bold protectors. They are high achievers wherever they are called.

In all things, Regent athletes represent the boldness that comes from believing in a God who grants strength to endure through every challenge and obstacle. On or off the field they are Christian leaders to change the world.