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Regent University is exercising measures to protect its students, faculty and staff in light of the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the declaration of a national emergency.

Regent University Emergency Remote-Work and Self-Quarantine Policy

During an emergency situation in which the university remains open for business, as part of our continuity plan, supervisors can require employees to work from home at the discretion of the supervisor. If an employee is required to work from home (for any reason), they will receive direction from their supervisor on what provisions and requirements will exist for remote-work job functions. The university encourages quick decisions on approval of medical leave or working from home temporarily.

An employee who is unable to work from home, or who has special technological limitations, should contact their supervisor as soon as an emergency situation is declared. If no accommodation can reasonably be made to allow remote working, the employee may use paid medical or vacation leave balances to avoid loss of pay or take unpaid leave if no paid leave is available. All leave requests must be approved by the supervisor.

An employee who has personally traveled (or someone living in the employee’s home has traveled) to a destination where a widespread medical emergency, epidemic, or pandemic has been declared, will be required to notify the supervisor and Human Resources immediately upon return to the local area. This will include, but is not limited to, attendance at conferences or meetings, and personal travel. This policy will apply whether or not any symptoms or contact with exposed individuals can be confirmed.

The employee will be required to work from home for at least 14 days following the trip, or if remote work is not possible, the employee will be required to stay at home using any available medical leave or vacation, or unpaid leave. The employee may be required to provide documentation of a negative test result to Human Resources before returning to work on campus. All personal medical information will be kept confidential by Human Resources under HIPPAA guidelines.

In some cases, extended paid medical leave may be allowed during a time of a widespread medical emergency.

The Human Resources department will serve as central liaison for all employees on medical leave or working from home due to possible exposure to a medical condition declared to be an epidemic or pandemic.

Employees should contact Human Resources with any concerns regarding increased risk for infection due to underlying health conditions.

During an emergency, information will be posted and updated regularly on the Regent University home page at . Employees should check the site daily for relevant documents and updates during any emergency situation.