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Regent University Chapel Welcomes David Osborne

On the brink of the Advent season – a time of year when so many focus on gifts and sales – David Osborne, a pastor at Calvary Revival Church in Norfolk, Virginia, encouraged Regent University students to dwell on a different cost:

“Do you know the cost of knowing Jesus?” asked Osborne. “Because the more you want to know him, the more you’ll have to suffer – what an altar call.”

Osborne spoke at Regent’s weekly University Chapel service on Wednesday, Dec. 2, and recalled his upbringing in the early ’90s.

“It was an incredible era that shaped so much of what I enjoy,” said Osborne. Something emerged from that era – the popular Timberland boot – which shaped Osborne’s view of the true cost of becoming a Jesus-follower. He recalled being an ambitious, yet broke, 15-year-old, scraping by to save money for the $145 shoes.

He eventually purchased the shoes after foregoing buying his school lunch and saving his allotted two dollars a day.

Osborne said that this is the attitude that Christians should have when pursuing a relationship with their Savior.

“It’s going to cost you something to know Jesus,” said Osborne. “It’s more than what you can imagine. But the trade-off could be something that changes the world. Are you willing to pay the cost to be awesome?”

Osborne reflected on the cost that he and his family have undergone to chase after their purpose in Christ – to him, this guarantees struggle and dysfunction. But, he encouraged his audience to have more than an “Instagram” and “social media” faith for the sake of building character.

“Godly leadership is forged from suffering,” said Osborne. “And the more we suffer the more we worship.”

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