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Regent University Celebrates Seven Days Ablaze with Christian Broadcasting Network

Christian leaders from around the nation spoke during the week of chapel services. Each year, Regent University celebrates a week of prayer alongside the Christian Broadcasting Network.

From Monday, September 18, to Friday, September 22, Christian leaders from around the nation spoke during the week of chapel services dedicated to praying for CBN’s partners and friends. Special guests included author and speaker, Max Lucado; Dove Award-winning musical artist Charlie Daniels; Johnathan Cahn from Hope of the World ministries; and Regent founder, chancellor and CEO, Dr. M.G. “Pat” Robertson.

Wednesday, September 20, Regent’s combined University Chapel service featured worship artist and author Paul Wilbur.

“I count it a real privilege to stand in front of you, and I believe God has appointed us for such a time as this,” said Wilbur.

As a speaker, Wilbur confessed that he has many talks saved away. But shortly before the service, he said he felt the Holy Spirit impress upon him to give a new word:

“God is always baking something. He’s a master chef,” said Wilbur. “I’m asking today that He takes something fresh out of the oven and serves it up to us.”

Wilbur said that he was in the middle of a worship song when he heard the Holy Spirit intervene in his life, prompting him to live with “no more declarations without demonstrations” – meaning believers should show, not tell, about their lives as Christians.

“We’re to be known as an extension of Heaven into our communities,” said Wilbur.

In addition to demonstrating the love of Christ, Wilbur encouraged his audience to focus on three words when it comes to living Godly lives: align, restore and advance.

Aligning your dreams with God’s plan is the first step to pursuing a Christ-filled life, according to Wilbur.

“If you can do it on your own, the dream isn’t from God,” said Wilbur. “You can’t give what you don’t have. [God says] if you will align with me, I will restore; we can advance into the glorious future.”

Wilbur urged chapel attendees to “get things in alignment, discipline flesh, take captive thoughts and get your soul in line.”

“You become more like the one you spend time with,” said Wilbur. “God will restore all that you’ve lost, have had stolen, you’ve sold or given away.”