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Regent Student Acts in Film Alongside Daniel Radcliffe

Former Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliff will not be making his next film debut as a wizard with a powerful force for good.

But shooting and acting alongside him in his next film, Imperium, proved to be a magical experience for Regent University’s School of Communication & the Arts (SCA) MFA student, Jeff Goins ’17, just the same.

Imperium, starring Radcliffe, is based on a true story of an FBI agent who goes undercover to prevent a supremacist group from creating a dirty bomb. Goins spent two days on set as the film was shot in Hopewell, Virginia, playing the role of “Steve,” a member of the turbulent “Aryan nation.”

“The role was amazing in so many ways,” said Goins. He explained this film credit will make him eligible to join the Screen Actors Guild (SAG), which would set him up for better roles if he chooses to move to Los Angeles, post-graduation.

“A lot of people go to L.A. without anything,” said Goins. “I think being ‘union’ will help set me apart. Most of the time agents would rather take an actor who’s had experience.”

The role will also be a feather in his cap for his actor’s reel, which he hopes will include the one-on-one scene with Radcliffe.

“I was nervous the first day I was on set for, maybe, the first 10 minutes,” said Goins. “When you see Daniel Radcliffe, it’s like, ‘Harry Potter is right there!’ But he was a super cool guy. Very approachable. You could ask him any questions that you’d want to ask.”

Goins was able to get some “insider information” throughout his 12 hours shooting a scene in a truck alongside Radcliffe. The star explained his acting technique to Goins while the two were on set.

“He’s had so much experience on set since he spent his childhood being around actors who were trained,” said Goins.

But not everyone can star in a global phenomenon with eight blockbuster movies straight into their acting career, like Radcliffe. That’s why Goins said his training at Regent has been fruitful. Goins explained that guidance from individuals such as SCA professional-in-residence, Dr. Mark Paladini, and his training to remain humble in the field have helped set him up for the future of his career – wherever it may take him.

“The sooner you humble yourself and stop taking things personally, the better you’ll do,” says Goins. “We’re learning that acting isn’t about being in a spotlight or being better than anybody else. It’s about telling the story as best as you can. The plays we do here are very redemptive stories so it’s easy to see that through.”

As for the redemptive message of Imperium?

“Sometimes you have to do really terrible things for the greater good,” said Goins.

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