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Regent Law Collects 23,464 Pounds of Food for the Hungry

At Regent University, dunking a School of Law (LAW) faculty member in a large tub of cold water isn’t a cruel and unusual form of student revenge. It’s a way to feed the hungry.

Regent produced a whopping total of 23,464 pounds of donated food to the efforts of the 10th Annual Legal Food Frenzy. This accomplishment earned them the title of Law School Winner of the Attorney General’s Cup, providing the most donations among other law schools in the region.

Each year, the Legal Food Frenzy is a combined effort of the Attorney General’s Office, the Young Lawyers Division of the Virginia Bar Association, and the Federation of Virginia Food Banks.

The annual competition comprises 170 participating law firms, legal departments, government offices and law schools across Virginia. This year, it raised a total of more than 1.5 million pounds of food for those in need.

Participants could donate canned goods or money to the efforts, each dollar counting for four pounds of food. On campus, funds raised through the “Dunk a Dean” campaign added to the cause.

“I got dunked; I sure did,” said Judge Patricia West, distinguished law professor and associate dean of Career, Alumni & Student Services. Over its ten-year history, the Legal Food Frenzy has yielded a collective 14.2 million pounds of donated food.

It’s an effort that West said she’s happy to be a part of.

“It’s so consistent with the mission of the school and the intangible lessons we’re trying to teach the students, which is to give back to the community,” said West. “We’re all Christians, and we want to assist those who need help. This competition fits right in with who we are.”

For Alexxa Pritchett ’18 (LAW), the competition was about breaking out of the “tunnel vision” that sometimes comes with studying law.

“All of my fellow classmates and I were called to Regent to serve our community, but that doesn’t mean serving our community has to wait until we pass the bar,” said Pritchett. “A lot of students don’t let themselves take a five-minute break just to laugh and have a good time. The Food Frenzy allowed us to do that, and I think that’s something really special.”

This was Lyndsi Tallman’s ’18 (LAW) first time participating in the Legal Food Frenzy. She enjoyed the collaborative aspect of the competition and believes that everyone has God-given talents and abilities to help those in need.

“If we all start attending to our communities and leading the way for others to become involved, our society would become a healthier place,” said Tallman. “After all, isn’t that what Regent is all about?”

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