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Regent University is a Christian Institution Offering Undergraduate, Graduate, and Doctoral Degrees Located in Virginia Beach, VA 23464

Regent Launches Online Degree Program for Computer Science

Regent University’s College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) has created a new online degree program for students who enjoy complex problem-solving and working with computers. The new Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree for undergraduates introduces nine new courses centered around this in-demand career path.

Computer Science is the study of structures and processes that support and enable access to encoded data. As technology continues to advance regarding the digital collection, retention and application of information, the importance of professionals who understand the science behind computers is essential to bringing new software and solutions to market.

Regent’s new online Computer Science degree program emphasizes both the technological and moral implications of developing technology.

“With our gifted and knowledgeable faculty, Regent University is well-equipped to offer this program with a strong emphasis on ethical practices and competent problem-solving,” said Dr. Joseph Bucci, department chair for Business, Leadership and information Systems. “The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program will prepare knowledgeable and wise Christian computer scientists who are able to design and implement practical and innovative software programs to solve complex problems and improve computer efficiencies.”

With a 15-percent expected growth rate in jobs between now and 2022, the growing field of Computer Science will provide excellent career opportunities with good income potential.

Regent’s new Computer Science degree program will prepare students to excel at modeling, analyzing and solving problems. They’ll be able to design complete solutions that won’t cause problems down stream. Coursework is targeted to those who are precise, creative and use careful reasoning.

Several of the courses will help students prepare for taking several industry-specific exams, including Oracle Certified Java Associate, CompTIA A+, Oracle Database SQL Expert and other related professional certifications.

Courses in the Computer Science degree program examine computer architecture, operating systems, software engineering, data structures and algorithms, database fundamentals, parallel and distributive programming, mobile and smart computing, and ethics. Regent professors compared 17 programs offered at a variety of higher educational institutions to determine what content should be included.

“Students who compare Regent’s program to those at other universities will find many similarities in the course offerings and tools,” Bucci said. “However, Regent’s program is distinct because we ask our students, through open discussion and critical reflection, to recognize that technology can present a false sense of security. Christianity offers truth and the ethical framework that allows the tools to be used wisely and in a manner that’s consistent with our Christian faith.”

Enrollment is open for Regent’s new online Computer Science degree program.