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Regent Celebrates Convocation at University Chapel

At the start of each academic year, new Regent University faculty, staff and student leaders are honored and prayed over at Convocation during University Chapel.

“We are thrilled, and I am proud of every one of you and the work that you’re doing,” said Regent University founder, chancellor and CEO Dr. M.G. “Pat” Robertson to a packed chapel on Wednesday, August 31. “This is a wonderful place to be and a wonderful place to see God’s hand at work.”

Chief counsel for the American Center for Law and Justice Dr. Jay Sekulow ’05 (School of Business & Leadership) addressed this new class of leaders. In his message, he urged them to follow the example of following and serving Christ, much like Paul and Silas in Acts 17:6.

“[Paul and Silas] were alleging that there was another king, greater than Caesar himself,” said Sekulow. “What an amazing compliment of being accused of serving and working for another king. And that you, working for that king, have literally turned the world upside-down.”

Paul and Silas committed treason for their displayed loyalty to God. He explained that for members of the Regent community, the challenge is to follow Christ with such vigor that their very presence in a place would “stir up a city.”

“How great to be men and women who come into a town like Virginia Beach and be accused of turning the world upside-down,” said Sekulow.

He said that the fundamental question of all mankind is, “who do we serve?” Sekulow illustrated the character of Christ as the “ultimate liberator,” spiritually and politically; having ministered to women, to the Gentiles, the hurt, the broken and unclean.

Sekulow explained that his followers, in kind, should not be surprised when they face opposition.

“Christ’s message knows no bounds: It’s anything but commonplace. It is, after all, the message of hope,” said Sekulow. “What a mighty witness it will be if all of us, collectively and individually, are accused of turning the world upside-down. Or, as I say, right-side up.”

Sekulow said in his family life, he is a grandfather of “four under four.” He explained that he frequently thinks of the world they’ll grow up in, but when he thinks about the Regent community, he has hope.

“You’re going to be trained over the next several years with the knowledge and wisdom that will allow you to become those world-changers,” said Sekulow. “Let us be those men and women who literally turn the world right-side up in Jesus’ name.”


New Faculty and Staff Members for 2016:

Enrollment Management

Baldwin, Seth

Bardell, D’Angela E.

Barrow, Nettie W.

Booth, Robin L.

Brown Jr., Ricky N.

Brown, Shoneen N.

Burnette, Chelsea

Butler, Juliette L.

Caraballo, Ricardo I.

Carawan III, Rolfe L.

Carrington, Evan T.

Casto, Caleb E.

Chandler, Hannah V.

Church, Taryn L.

Connor, Lauren D.

Cordero, John A.

Den Hartog, Valerie R.

Dickey, Galaxina G.

Diersing, Christopher R.

Digges, Alicia J.

Duncan, Natalie A.

Dundlow, Ross C.

Edwards, Daniel

Ferguson, David Brent

Fisher, Joshua G.

Gibson, Logan M.

Goins, Beth E.

Graves, Krystal A.

Graves, Tiffany

Gray, Joy A.

Groves, Aaron

Hamilton, Chasity D.

Hansford, Emily E.

Hill, Johnette

Johnson, Fontashia L.

Kea, Kaila R.

Knudsen, Courtney M.

Krause, Karissa D.

Lamb, Asia M.

Lancaon, Leigh C.

Lanza, Joseph J.

Laskowski, Edward J.

Liotta, Joshua P.

Loving, Laurie B.

Malpaya, Rodney G.

Mead, Breanna

Mertens, Jordan W.J.

Mireles, Ed

Moreno-Riaño, Victoria

Morton, Junious L.

Mosbarger, Mitchell R.

Norman, David R.

Peebles, Megan J.

Perry, LaQuita D.

Phillips, Sean D.

Quinn, Lisa B.

Raymond, Didra

Richardson, Danielle N.

Robertson, Jennifer L.

Roman, Jose R.

Royster, Diamond C.

Shepherd, Thomas H.

Simons, Joel R.

Slade, LaTonya D.

Snowden, Trevis M.

Tanelus, Adelourdes

Taylor, Cheyenne S.

Thomas, Philip M.

Thornton, Brent D.

Titus, Josephine

Trotman, Lawrence N.

Urban, Jessica J.

Vera, Brandon D.

Watson, Judy D.

Wenzel, Jairus M.

West, Marvin C.

Whittaker, Kristie L.

Widner, Katelyn A.

Williams, Tiffany T.

University Advising

Arnett, Heather

Baker, Alyson T.

Bayless, Elizabeth

Brightwell, Victoria M.

Brodine, Beth A.

Cardenas, Madelyn

Clemons, Miisha

Coffey, Katherine L.

Cordero, Justine J.

Crumpler, Robert N.

Darden, Shawanda

Dennis-Galdo, Christine M.

Dent, Brittany A.

Dillard, Coby W.

Dozier, Perlecya G.

Dubose, Nadie

Ferrette, Jasmyne

Greene, Kindra M.

Gregory, Taylor A.

Harrell, Lawson

Harrell, Linda

Keeling, Ariel C.

Ludy, Jacqueline C.

Mathew, Hannah S.

Medina, Christopher R.

Oluwalana, Bamidele R.

Painter, Laura L.

Prior, Morgan E.

Robinson, Nicole M.

Salsbury, Katharine E.

Schrader, Samantha M.

Smithson, John Roger

Smithson, Raychel G.

Thomas, Tejuana D.

Tsolmon, Uulensolongo

Villanueva, Romeo A.

Whitmer, Janet

Yost, Christopher N.

Younger, Amy M.

College of Arts & Sciences

Africano, Rachel M.

Darraj, Emily B.

Hays, Steven M.

Hayman, Jeffery W.

Hibbler, Marion M.

King, Stephen M.

Mattix, Micah W.

Pevarnik, Matthew

Saur, Joseph M.

Schwarzwalder, Robert F.

Shen, Jiancheng (Jackson)

Skiles, William S.

Smith IV, Miles J.

Wallace, David R.

Robertson School of Government

Agyapong, Elijah

School of Law

Akinyele, Aramide

Griffin, Caleb N.

Hurley, Lori A.

Lawrence, Ian W.

Turconi, Sean R.

School of Communication & the Arts

Brandel, Christiana J.

Freeman, Andrew L.

Weaver, Megan S.

School of Education

Copeland, Rachel C. (PT)

Smith, Camille

Wolfe, Terrance J.

School of Psychology & Counseling

Craig, Shelley

Ord, Anna

Shatto, Erynne H.

School of Business & Leadership

Hiltz, Kaitlyn

Root, Andrew A.

School of Divinity

Seaman, Melissa J.


Asbenson, Cordell J.

Calise, Emily R.

Chipman, Sylvia T.

Khella, Julie

Plym, Randy W.

Taylor, Brian K.

Weekley, Ashley N.

Academic Administration/Academic Affairs

Baker, Faith A.

Clifford, Marcelo

Center for Teaching & Learning

Bennett, Sarah R.

Forgey, Robert J.

Haskell, Annamarie (PT)

Human Resources

Bjork, Juliette A.

Burleson, Michelle A.

Financial Aid

Black, Garric T.

Brooks, Danijel A.

Linker, Jamie L.

Schoch, Ashley R.

Snead-Gilpin, Emily A.

Young, Jameel

Information Technology

Bottoms, Perez A.

Ferguson, Kevin J.

Hurr, John T.

Solomon, Brannon

Weis, Daniel D.


Business Office

Campbell, Ann M.

Facility Services

Dimayuga, Rienadel L.

Hascher, Dwayne

Lewis, Austin S.

Moreno-Riaño, Isaac H. (PT)

Office of Institutional Analytics

Dorais, Stephanie S.

Special Events

Evans, Jacqueline J.

University Marketing

Goff, Scott H.

Lee, Eming R.


Gillie, Esther

Lassiter, Leon K. (PT)

Moriarty, Ann (PT)

Payne, Christine E.

Regent Ordinary

Gribble, Jennifer L.

Hurley, Grant T.

Mitchell, Alesia D. (PT)

Career Services

Lagos, Sarah

Mitchell, Samantha R.

Talent Acquisition Office

Nugent, Aran

Student Services/Center for Student Happiness

Sakis, Kara-Leigh

Sinn-Braswell, Jelisa R.