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Regent Admissions Consultant Writes Children’s Book

Coworkers and family gathered Friday, April 8, to congratulate Craig Hughes, Regent University admissions consultant, on an achievement outside of his job at Regent. After serving in music ministry for more than 40 years, Hughes embarked on a book-writing adventure. Now that the final pages are printed, Hughes reflects on how his talents, family, and zeal for teaching others about God inspired him to author Jump Ship Jonah, the first book in a “Rhyme Time Bible Stories” series for children.

“The Lord has been driving the book the whole time,” said Hughes. “Sometimes what He asks us to do doesn’t make sense, but like Jonah, we should take it step-by-step and be obedient to what he wants to do.”

Hughes took the first step in writing a book when he and his wife moved to the country after he retired from church music ministry. With an appreciation for Dr. Seuss, he grabbed a pen and paper and sat on his porch. He says God revealed as he wrote, and a rhyming version of Jonah’s story eventually formed. His daughter-in-law, Rachel Day Hughes, drew more than 20 watercolor illustrations for the book. It’s the beginning of a “Rhyme Time Bible Stories” series he plans to continue with more books featuring a rhyming bible stories with practical lessons.

“The goal is to get people thinking about God’s Word,” said Hughes. “If we can use it as a hook to whet kids’ appetite, maybe they can read the real story in the Bible. The goal is to point kids toward God’s Word.”

Hughes has since moved away from the inspiration site for his first book. He and his wife moved to Virginia Beach to be closer to their grandchildren, and Hughes found an admissions counseling position at Regent. He was familiar with the school from his daughter Hannah, a graduate. Now he talks to people all over the world about the school.

“It’s the people. That’s what I like about Regent,” said Hughes. “There were about 20 of us who trained at the same time. We all became close friends. There were several who God used to really make an impact in my life. Through them I’ve seen that Regent is different from a typical university. Everyone is so helpful. It’s really different, but the people make a difference.”