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Judicial clerkships have been gained by a remarkable 21.4% of Regent law school 2019 graduates.

Recent Regent University LAW Graduates Tout High Judicial Clerkship Placement Rate

Serving as a judicial clerk upon graduation is an aim for many law students. For a remarkable 24.6% of Regent University 2019 LAW graduates who landed Judicial Clerkships, that aim has become a reality.

“Regent students are prepared to secure competitive clerkships because of our professional support and counseling, our unique resources, and the School’s reputation with judges that has been solidified over the years,” said Dean of the law school, Chief Justice Mark Martin (Ret.). “This reflects the hard work of our students and the rigor of the program.”

“Over the course of my career as director of Career & Alumni Services I’ve found that having a dean that is a retired jurist that has clerked and hired clerks is instrumental in placing exceptional students in extraordinary positions,” said LAW’s Director of Career & Alumni Services, Kathy Stull. “With our new dean, Chief Justice Mark Martin (Ret.), we hit that exact balance of jurist/administrator.”

Rebecca Garcia ’19 (LAW) will be working as a judicial clerk in the Virginia Court of Appeals. She describes the, “huge blessing” as an “excellent transition into a future career in appellate work, perhaps with a governmental agency.”

“I know that I will gain invaluable practical experience, in addition to becoming more competitive in the legal job market as a result of this position,” she added.

Judicial clerks field a variety of responsibilities, including writing, researching and provide general assistance and counsel for judges.

LAW’s placement rate is comparatively high, even among some of the nation’s best law schools. Last year, the top five law schools as ranked by U.S. News and World Report, reported their their graduates’ employment rate as clerks:

1. Yale University – 38.6%

2. Stanford University – 29.5%

3. Harvard University- 18.3%

4. University of Chicago – 27.2%

5. Columbia University – 5.6%

Although the data is from last year, 2019 information won’t be available until March 2020.

“Regent University has equipped me with the rigorous writing skills and analytical reasoning skills essential to the job of a law clerk,” said Garcia. “I am thankful for all the support I have received, whether it be through the assistance of career services or the professors who go out of their way to ensure our academic success.”

“Judges in all areas of the judiciary, local, state, and nationally recognize the invaluable experience and professional opportunities that judicial internships create,” Martin said. “They award these positions only after much consideration.”