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Partnering with God

Pastor and author Robert Morris visited Regent University’s Chapel Service Wednesday, April 27. He described Christians’ relationship with God as a partnership, and asked those who attended the service to examine their lives for areas where they need to partner with God.

“We get mad at God, asking Him, you have the power, why don’t you do it?” said Morris. “Why don’t you partner with Him? You want Him to heal your marriage? Why don’t you love your wife as Christ loved the Church?”

Morris acknowledged that God is omniscient and does not need, however he says God chooses to need His followers. He used David fighting Goliath as an example where “God looked for a man.” He says, when Goliath asks for a man to come against him, God says, “I don’t need a man. I’ve got a boy, and I’ve been training that boy, and that boy has the courage to stand up to your man.”

“God has a part, you have a part,” said Morris. “God isn’t going to do your part. Our part is never supernatural, and that’s good, because you’re not supernatural, but you know someone who is.”

Morris says that God directs and provides, and His followers need to respond. He explained that if Christians expect God to work in their lives, they need to be living and doing, that God provides as He works through His people. That requires action, not sitting and waiting.

This matter of responding, doing and believing, Morris believes, translates to salvation from sin. He argues that God has done His part, having Christ pay for the sin for the entire world. Just as one man sinned and all are held accountable, Morris says it took only one man to pay for this debt. He says Christians need to do their part in salvation, contending that this is accomplished not through works, but receiving through belief.

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