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Regent University is a Christian Institution Offering Undergraduate, Graduate, and Doctoral Degrees Located in Virginia Beach, VA 23464

Open Call: Book Proposals for Faith Perspectives in Leadership & Business Book Series

Regent University’s School of Business & Leadership is partnering with Palgrave Macmillan to produce the Faith Perspectives in Leadership & Business book series.

This book series will take a deep look into the faith perspective specifically in the leadership and business arenas. This broad approach will allow us to address both scholarly and practical aspects while providing robust content and relevant material to readers. Providing a unique voice to the market, this book series will integrate the scholarship perspective, providing a full devotion to the field, and the faith perspective, as a foundational aspect.

Our book series editors – Dr. Doris Gomez, Dr. Gary Oster, Dr. Kathleen Patterson, and Dr. Bruce Winston, encourage you to consider being a part of this exciting new book series by submitting a book proposal.

Submission Guidelines

Target markets for this book series include:

  • PRIMARY: Schools, colleges and universities studying leadership, business, innovation, or entrepreneurship. This could be at the undergraduate and graduate levels.
  • SECONDARY: Schools, colleges, universities of varied faith traditions who will be interested in books that have full scholarship perspectives as well as the added faith foundation.
  • TERTIARY: Church leaders, pastors, ministry leaders, lay leaders

The book series title, Faith Perspectives in Leadership & Business, provides guidance as to the range of topics. All of the books in this series will be faith-based and show a solid foundation of scriptural principles. General topics include, but are not limited to:

Managing/Leading People Teams Negotiating
Organizational Communication Motivating Employees Servant Leadership
Change Management Business Design Managerial Economics
Innovation Leadership Theory Global Leadership/Business

View examples of other Palgrave faith-based books. Please note that these examples are not from our series, but were published prior to our series:

While there is no set number of pages, we anticipate the books in this series to be approximately 200-250 pages of 5.5 x 8.5 or 6 x 9 page size.

We anticipate producing three or more books per year and encourage you to submit a proposal.

Submit Your Proposal

  1. Complete Palgrave Macmillan’s book proposal form.
  2. Submit your proposal form to and type “SBL Book Series Proposal” in the subject line.