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Regent University is a Christian Institution Offering Undergraduate, Graduate, and Doctoral Degrees Located in Virginia Beach, VA 23464

One Regent, Two Generations

Patti Taylor graduated from what was known as CBN University in 1987 after completing its film and television program.

“It is amazing!” said Patti Taylor, ’87. “I had not been back in years and I came a couple of years ago so my daughter could tour the campus, and I was totally blown away by the buildings, the beauty of the campus. It is just wonderful.”

Nearly 30 years later, she’s bringing her daughter, Anna Christine, to Regent University where she will pursue her dream.

“It is so exciting! When we found out there was going to be a science program here, that clenched it for us. I had always wanted Anna to come here, but there was no science program, and my former roommate, Melinda Gibson, said, ‘Patti, they have just added a science program!’ and I thought, that was it. That was the moment we knew that Anna was going to come to Regent.”

Anna Christine loves science, and will be studying in Regent’s Biophysical Science program. She’s also minoring in Animation, combining her love of science with her knack for telling stories. She’s working on a fantasy book series, and has finished her first novel.

“I would just love to have science in my movies,” said Anna Christine Taylor ’20 (College of Arts & Sciences). “They’d be fantasy, based off of my books, but I love how science just shows you right to God and how the stories just reflect him.” She says she’s open to whatever God has planned for her, and her parents are excited to see where her Regent education will take her.

“It’ll be a great adventure for her, but it’ll be an adventure for my husband and myself too, not to have Anna there, but we’re excited for what the Lord has for her, the plan that He has for her life, and we believe it’s going to unfold within the next few years,” said Patti Taylor.