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The Life-Cycle of Vision

Visions are born, die and only come to fullness in the age to come. Pastor David Bradshaw highlighted the three phases of vision that David walked through in the Bible, at Regent University chapel service Wednesday, April 20. He shared what core values he believes God wanted to exhalt through David for all redemptive history.

“David had an atmosphere in his life of intamicy of joy in God, of prayer and intercession,” said Bradshaw. “That was the very thing God was looking for to elevate and exalt in Israel, not just a fulfillment of David’s assignment, but as a prototype of what God wants to reproduce all over the earth as the authority of prophetic vision is birthed and released.”

Regent University chapel services have been themed around prophetic vision. Bradshaw says such vision goes through three processes, birthing, death and fullness. In the context of David’s life, birthing happened when God called David to be king. Death of a vision occured when God created an environment around David through which the vision appeared impossible. Then God used Saul to refine David so he could carry the weight of authority.

“Many of you are in that season,” said Bradshaw. “You want to take the nations by storm, yet you’re in refinement. It’s normal, beautiful and good, because God wants to get you to the point where it’s Him and not you that’s executing His will through you.”

Bradshaw says God’s vision will not be completely fulfilled until the age to come. While there are occasional fulfillments now, eternal fulfillment will come later. He invited guests to get in fellowship with God through prayer, and that closeness with God would produce another season of breakthrough.