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Former Linebacker for New England Patriots and SBL Alumnus Recognized by Forbes as Top Leadership and Business Coach

Former linebacker for the New England Patriots and Regent alumnus Dr. Jason Carthen.
Dr. Jason Carthen.

Dr. Jason Carthen ’09 (School of Business & Leadership) has lived by the simple rule of charting his own course. Now, through Jason Carthen Enterprises, a training and organizational development firm, he has made a career of encouraging others to do the same. Carthen was recently recognized by Forbes as one of the top leadership and business coaches in the country and was accepted into their Forbes Coaches Council. He stated that his time at Regent enabled him to gain the entrepreneurial tools necessary to make his business success possible.

“I’ve been very intentional in operating in my purpose and staying true in helping other people grow and develop personally or professionally,” Carthen said. “Regent was very intentional about sharing the entrepreneurial aspect of what we needed to do if we were going to be successful.”

A former linebacker for the New England Patriots, Carthen was born in Alabama and played college football at Ohio University before joining the National Football League in 1993. After playing for three years, an injury brought his athletic career to a halt. It was during this time that Carthen recognized the true calling on his life.

“I knew there was something more in my life that I wanted to accomplish,” Carthen said. “I knew that I needed to be equipped and needed more knowledge, so I was very intentional and began my studies.”

After earning a master’s degree from Malone University and a business management certification from the Harvard Business School, he began to explore programs to further his studies. The Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership from Regent stood out because of the clarity in expectations and demands. This gave him a clear picture of what he was signing up for.

“Regent revealed to me what I call growth edges, the areas that I needed to develop,” Carthen said. “It really ignited a passion in me for following my purpose and unlocking that path for other people through leadership.”

Carthen began the program in 2004 and inspired his wife, Mireidy Carthen ’15 (School of Business & Leadership), to pursue a master’s degree in Organizational Leadership.

“I wanted to be able to coach clients and provide mentoring in our nonprofit, Leaders of Tomorrow Initiative,” Mireidy Carthen said. “Regent gave me what I needed, and there was not a single class that wasn’t helpful toward what I wanted to do.”

Under Jason Carthen Enterprises, Carthen is the founder of the How to Speak Life & Create Wealth Course, Speak Life Academy and Speak Life University, which will be launching a membership site in May.

“For me, it’s a direct reflection of what I learned at Regent that made me want to create these companies and have the impact I’m having,” Carthen said. “I rely on what I learned in terms of business and entrepreneurship to make sure I’m on the right path and charting the right course for others.”

Carthen is the author of 52 Ways to Tackle Leadership for Your Success and co-hosts a radio show, “Discover the Leader in You,” with his wife.