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Employees Unite to Build a Better Future Brick by Brick

Brick by brick, Regent University faculty and staff members will be competing to support the Hampton Roads community through its United Way campaign.

Regent’s human resources (HR) department is encouraging everyone who works at Regent to consider giving $5 or more per month. When they do, they’ll have the opportunity to contribute a Lego brick to build a structure, working with the rest of their department to put together something creative.

The United Way is known for its low overhead operating costs, and its dedication to keeping the funds it raises in local communities. Those who choose to donate can have their monthly contributions directly taken out of their pay. Regent chose to partner with the United Way because its work is compatible with Regent’s core mission and values.

“We want to focus on education this year,” said Jana Nattermann, benefits specialist at Regent. “As an educational institution, we’re passionate about building a future for students and children in our communities.”

The United Way allows donors to designate funds to specific charities, write-in organizations, or select community impact funds. This is the first year the Regent University family will be able to make these selections entirely online. Employees have until Feb. 6 to pledge to the campaign.

Once employees join the pledge, they’re invited to begin working together to create a Lego structure with their departments. HR will judge the structures for creativity and announce a winning team at Regent’s 2015 employee Christmas party. The goal is to tangibly show the difference each employee can make by pulling together. In total, 23 teams will be competing.

Regent has supported the United Way for a number of years, raising fund for its annual campaign and also providing manpower for its annual Day of Caring every fall, where people volunteer at agencies throughout the community.