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Chancellor's Forum with Dr. Pat Robertson and students of the School of Business & Leadership of Regent, a Christian university in Virginia.

Dr. M.G. “Pat” Robertson Meets with Regent Students at Inaugural Chancellor’s Forum

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA (February 9, 2022) – Regent University Founder, Chancellor and CEO Dr. M.G. “Pat” Robertson hosted an exclusive Chancellor’s Forum on Feb. 8, 2022. Robertson spoke to a live audience of 40 students from the School of Business & Leadership, plus an additional 80 students and guests who participated virtually. During this premier roundtable discussion, Robertson examined key topics including Business & Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Stock Market Investments & Trends.

Robertson opened the discussion by noting that servant leadership is one of the most essential elements of business, quoting Matthew 20:26: “But whoever would be great among you must be servant of all.” He encouraged the audience to select the best personnel and then empower them to work with excellence, innovation and integrity. Robertson also challenged students to cast a big vision. “A small vision cannot move the hearts of men,” he said. “We’re called to change the world, and that requires tremendous faith, the willingness to take chances, and the ability to be resilient. We can do it because God can do it.”

Robertson outlined vital principles and maxims for business and leadership success, including:

Walk in Unity.

“If we work together, nothing is impossible.”

Be Comfortable in Your Own Skin.

“Don’t be threatened by others. Let others excel, and you’ll excel, too.”

Recognize and Care for Others Generously.

“Make sure others know you care about them. When they’re working in exemplary fashion, reward them.”

Be Willing to Sacrifice.
“Don’t try to feather your own nest too early. Prepare the field first, and then supply your house. That’s how to build your business foundation.”

Invest in Lifelong Learning and Education.

“The world is just warming up to all that can be done. There’s always pain and disruption in that, but education is the best investment you can make. Read biographies and learn from others to enhance your work.”

Practice the Presence of God.

“The Bible says that ‘They through reason of use are able to discern good from evil.’ There’s no substitute for listening to God’s voice and practicing His presence.”

“This inaugural Chancellor’s Forum has been a pivotal milestone in the history of the School of Business & Leadership,” said Doris Gomez, dean of the School of Business & Leadership. “For our students to have the opportunity to hear and learn from our founder and chancellor has made an impact for generations to come. I am deeply grateful to Dr. Robertson to give so generously to our students and the work of Regent University. We all left our time with him inspired and renewed. There is no doubt in my mind that his teaching and prayers will leave a profound legacy of Christian leadership, as Dr. Robertson is himself a Christian leader that changes the world.”

Ayodele Akinremi, a Doctor of Strategic Leadership student of Regent University, Virginia Beach.
Ayodele Akinremi, DSL Student

During an interactive question-and-answer session, students gleaned insights from Robertson’s wealth of experience as a broadcaster, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and educator. Students asked questions about overcoming challenges, navigating through the pandemic, Kingdom entrepreneurship, strategic foresight, and hearing God’s voice.

One SBL student in attendance was Ayodele Akinremi, a physician with a background in physical therapy and clinical investigation. Akinremi is pursuing a Doctor of Strategic Leadership (DSL) and wants to use his degree to bring change to Africa through Christian business and leadership. He grew up in a slum in Nigeria but regularly watched The 700 Club to see Robertson “speak with faith, pray for the sick and share people’s testimonies.” Akinremi said the program and testimonies contributed to growing his faith.

“It was a lifetime honor to meet Dr. Robertson in person, and he has inspired me to do great things for the kingdom of God,” he shared. Akinremi desires to be part of the generation “that will bear the torch of Christian Leadership to Change the World.”  

Tarin Riley, an MAOL student of Regent, a premier Christian university in Virginia.
Tarin Riley, MAOL Student

Tarin Riley described her opportunity to hear from Robertson as one of her favorite moments at Regent. After earning her bachelor’s degree at Regent, Riley was so transformed by the experience that she returned to the university to earn her M.A. in Organizational Leadership, with a concentration in Global Business Leadership & Communication. She now works for International Cooperating Ministries (ICM) – The Global Church Developer, focusing on making disciples and fostering church growth worldwide. “I continually apply my studies to my work as I learn, grow, and lead in new capacities,” she said.

“Hearing from Dr. Robertson personally was truly a special blessing,” Riley continued. “I have been grateful for his leadership throughout my time at Regent. His ability to cast a vision and be faithfully Christ-centered is admirable.”

Iyad Arusi was most inspired by Robertson’s passion for helping transform the world through Christian leadership. “My father used to say, ‘We are prisoners of hope,’ and I also believe that once you choose hope, everything becomes possible. That is a message Dr. Robertson speaks loudly through his life,” said Arusi.

Iyad Arusi, an MBA Student of Regent, a top Christian university in Virginia Beach.
Iyad Arusi, MBA Student

He escaped from persecution in Syria and entered the United States as a refugee. Arusi completed his medical degree in Syria, and he is now pursuing his Master of Business Administration (MBA) at Regent to acquire additional knowledge and skills that will translate across many roles and industries. “My Regent MBA will allow me to apply my education, grow my experience, and hopefully even combine my passion for medicine and business in a Christian environment,” he said.

“Dr. Robertson talked to us as if we were a big family, which was very nice,” Arusi added. “He was kind, made us feel welcome, and encouraged us to be resilient. I am immensely grateful for this opportunity.”

As Robertson concluded the forum, he reflected on his vision for Regent and the immense opportunities ahead for graduates. “The destiny of Regent exceeds anything I realized in the early days,” he shared. “In the Middle Ages, Oxford and Sorbonne were the two leading institutions in higher education; they had a profound impact on society. Our world is in crisis, and my goal for Regent aligns with that same mindset today and for the future … to be the greatest Christian university in the world and to have a profound impact on society today.”

Robertson added that The Great Commission in Scripture is to go into all the world and teach all nations to observe all things Christ commanded. “It’s teaching,” he emphasized. “And so, in nation after nation after nation, Christians are taking roles in government and business and other disciplines, and they’re looking to Regent saying ‘Train us so that we can take our appropriate role to impact society. So, we’re going to work together, with the best faculty, the best curriculum and the best resources.”

When Robertson, founder of the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), stepped down as the host of The 700 Club program on October 1, 2021, he expressed enthusiasm to devote his energy and experience to helping train and equip Regent University students. This Chancellor’s Forum demonstrates his commitment to investing in the lives of the 11,000-strong student body of Regent as they become “Christian leaders to change the world.

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