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Dr. Ben Carson Joins Regent University’s Fifth Presidential Candidate Forum

Photo courtesy of Alex Perry.
Photo courtesy of Alex Perry.

With one day remaining until the Super Tuesday primaries, which includes Virginia, Republican candidate, Dr. Ben Carson hopes to “shuffle the deck” and gain delegates who will support his nomination.

On Monday, February 29, Carson was the fifth presidential candidate to participate in the Presidential Candidate Forums, hosted by Regent University’s popular Executive Leadership Series (ELS).

The event featured opening remarks from Carson, a live-interview with Regent Founder, Chancellor and CEO, Dr. M.G. “Pat” Robertson, and an audience Q&A moderated by David Brody, chief political correspondent for CBN News.

In his opening remarks, Carson reflected on his time in the political ring. He explained that throughout his months of campaigning, he’s frequently asked why he turned to politics, and if the personal attacks and the attacks on his family were worth the effort.

“The answer is, ‘no,’” said Carson. “Not if you’re doing it for yourself. But if you’re doing it for others, the answer is emphatically, ‘yes.’”

Carson noted times in United States history, such as WWII, when veterans made personal sacrifices for the freedom of others; a time where the government was merely a tool to “help facilitate life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” rather than a “pinnacle” of power. He encouraged his audience to remain vigilant about paying attention to the government.

“We need to emphasize our togetherness,” said Carson. “That’s where our strength is.”

In his interview with Robertson, Carson focused on a broad spectrum of 2016 election issues such as border patrol, tensions with the Islamic State, and the Syrian refugee crisis. As a former pediatric neurosurgeon, Carson explained that the issue of healthcare is of particular importance.

Carson proposed a “fix” to Obamacare, in the form of a “health empowerment account,” that would give families the ability to have their own insurance company with “no middle man.” The account would begin for citizens the day they are born and would accumulate year by year. “We need to be moving people away from government dependence, rather than toward it,” said Carson.

In the Q&A portion of the event led by Brody, the audience submitted a variety of questions regarding Carson’s top choice for a running mate and judicial nominees, and what he would do to “return virtue in the youth of the nation.”

As for who he looks for in counsel, Carson explained, rather than someone who would help win over a certain demographic, he’s seeking a team of people who are philosophically aligned.

“What they’ve done throughout their lives will tell you a lot more about them than a series of interviews they’ve prepared for,” said Carson. “It’s critical to have the right people. And certainly any of us would need counselors. Anyone who thinks they’re an expert on anything is a fool.”

Regent University neither supports nor opposes any candidate for public office. Learn more about previous Regent University’s Presidential Candidate Forums.