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Divinity Students Practice Ministry in Ghana

For a ninth year, Dr. Clifton Clarke in Regent’s School of Divinity (DIV) took students on a life-changing journey to Ghana to serve Christ in a cross-cultural capacity. Students practiced their preaching and ministry skills at large church gatherings, schools, orphanages, and on the street in villages. They returned from Ghana with a new appreciation for what God is doing globally.

“I am always amazed at what God does in each of the students who come,” said Clarke. “The trip provides practical mission exposure and experience that complements the Regent mission to train global leaders to change the world. During our outreach crusades, students also witnessed people coming to the Lord, and people being healed and delivered by the power of the Holy Spirit. Many of the students have never traveled outside of America before this trip, and it so exciting to know that their experiences at Regent will be leaving a lasting impression on their global awareness and spiritual formation.”

Janella Williams ’17 (DIV) has always seen herself doing global ministry and desired to go to Africa because of the poverty levels there. Seeing it firsthand, she says her perspective on poverty changed. She says the people there have an overwhelming joy that radiates and is contagious. She describes their faith as living for Christ no matter what.

“Once I chose to see things through the people’s eyes, instead of just seeing the basic hustle of the street vendor, I saw entrepreneurship,” said Williams. “I saw people trying to take care of their families. There was so much joy in these peoples eyes and smiles that the poverty level didn’t bother them. They were just happy to be alive, being able to serve God and do what God allowed them to do.”

Williams traveled with a team of about a dozen Regent students for 12 days in June. She had the opportunity to preach three times and says seven people came to know Christ as their savior. She is a licensed evangelist, has been ministering for more than 10 years, and runs her own ministry that provides clothes, school supplies, and other necessities to those who find themselves in need in the United States. In Ghana, the faith of the people there, despite their living conditions, made Williams grow in her own faith, trusting God more in all circumstances.

“They just want the word,” said Williams. “When they are sitting down listening to the preacher, they are taking notes on how to apply and work faith into their lives so their lives can be changed tremendously. If they’re going through a sickness, they want to know how they can apply a particular part of scripture, go to heaven and have a relationship with Christ.”

Williams encourages other Regent students to take advantage of a global mission trip while they study. She plans to return to Ghana again and get into global ministry.

“Just go and do it. The Bible teaches in Matthew 28 to go and teach all nations. Your ministry would be so different and so impacted that, once you come back home, you’re going to be so on-fire for God when you see how other Christians outside of America have such a high level of faith. Your relationship with God is going to be intensified.”

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