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Regent University is a Christian Institution Offering Undergraduate, Graduate, and Doctoral Degrees Located in Virginia Beach, VA 23464

Celebrating Commencement with Family

Families filled Regent University’s campus Saturday to celebrate years of dedication and hard work. One of those was the Speas family from who enjoyed watching their mom Melissa Speas ’16 (School of Psychology & Counseling) celebrate her accomplishment.

“I was really happy to see her graduate because it’s a big deal since she’s done with it all now and can get a job and stay at home a little bit longer,” said son Michael Speas.

Sons Parker, Michael and Tyler Speas spent the Saturday before Mother’s Day showing pride for their mom. Since graduating from Regent’s online undergraduate program in 2014, she’s spent the past two years earning her master’s in clinical mental health counseling.

“I’ve had amazing professors,” said Speas. “Not only are they teaching us, but they’re giving us stories of their lives and hands-on experience. I was in the online program, but even in those classes, the stories that they shared with us, and really processed with us on how we’re going to help our clients are very impactful.”

Saturday’s Commencement service gave her time to celebrate with her professors, classmates and family outdoors in Regent’s library plaza.

“It was really nice to come together and not have any coursework to do and celebrate with those who we see weekly in classes and actually talk with on our Canvas online discussions, so it was a joyous occasion to see them come from all over the country and walk together,” said Speas.

Speas enjoys helping others. She plans to use her degree and certificate in school counseling to work with children, adolescents, and teenagers, equipping them to feel confident in themselves and make the world a better place. While her classes were challenging, she says her family gave her the support she needed to succeed.

“It was really crazy sometimes,” said Parker Speas. “When we had soccer, she was juggling it all and she got us to soccer on time and did her school work too.”

“I have three young sons, so I walked across this stage hoping they will follow my footsteps, go on to college, and do what God gives them a passion to do,” said Speas.

“It shows you that you can do it,” said Michael Speas.

Speas said she is thankful to her sons, husband, parents and in-laws for their incredible support.