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Regent University is a Christian Institution Offering Undergraduate, Graduate, and Doctoral Degrees Located in Virginia Beach, VA 23464

Bringing Biblical Principles from Class to Boost His Business

When customers visit Quiznos on Grassfield Parkway in Chesapeake, Virginia, they’re not only guaranteed a delicious sandwich but also a smile.

“I want to make sure that they can leave here happy because we were able to put a smile on their face, either because the food is great, or just because we were able to smile when maybe they couldn’t because they had a bad day,” said store owner Leo Motta, ’15 (SBL).

Entrepreneur, owner and Master of Business Administration graduate Leo Motta says it’s not just money that motivates him to run an excellent business.

“I always knew there was something more to business, not just profits, something more, and I just never knew what it was,” said Motta.

Motta opened his restaurant in 2006. His experience growing up in a rough neighborhood, enlisting in the navy, working as an avionics technician, investing in real estate and stocks and going to college took him on a journey that led to Regent University where he discovered a greater purpose and perspective.

“I’ve always been a Christian, but I’ve never really had a strong relationship with Jesus,” said Motta. “I met some buddies of mine at church, and they did. All of them were graduates of Regent. I thought, oh great, maybe this is what I need to do, go to Regent University, and maybe I could love Jesus and have Him in my life more often, and I could have a better outlook on life. That drove me to Regent University – because of great Christians who I met – and I just knew that business is not just about profits. It’s not just about being served, it’s about serving, making your people, developing your people, helping people in any kind of way you could.”

Motta identified key people he could trust to help run his store so he could concentrate on his classes. He says earning the education wasn’t easy, but his professors encouraged him along the way. Their assignments were tailored to help him improve his store. They taught him all about incorporating finance, HR, marketing and more into a business plan. The experience helped him develop new goals, find a managing partner for his store and possibly transfer the business to that person, and see how his new knowledge and skills could be put to use in a bigger business.

“I definitely want to work for corporate America,” said Motta. “I want to see what God has for me. I believe I have all of the experience and also have the theory and the biblical principles – that I’ve learned from Regent – to really apply what I’ve learned in the right way.”

After graduating May 9, Motta now plans to apply what he’s learned by using the degree he’s earned to tackle a new and different challenge.