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“Be the Best that You can Be!” Janet Ashcroft, Wife of Former U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft, Speaks to Regent Law Women

Janet Ashcroft, wife of former United States Attorney General John Ashcroft.

Janet Ashcroft, wife of former United States Attorney General John Ashcroft, is a “renaissance woman”.

“I am grateful for all the roles I have had in my life thus far,” Ashcroft told a group of female Regent University School of Law students at a Regent luncheon she hosted.

Mrs. Ashcroft is a wife, mother, lawyer, published author, professor, water-skier and snow-skier, among other talents.

At the lunch she shared how she balanced her professional career with her personal responsibilities, all the while supporting her husband and his political career.

“We didn’t do a lot of planning, but the Lord really guided us through our victories as well as our losses,” said Ashcroft.

Mrs. Ashcroft explained that her husband’s “life is a picture of him intending to do one thing and God pulling him in a different direction.”

She also encouraged the women of Regent Law to keep their faith at the forefront throughout their careers.

“Everyone encounters bumps in the road. You can’t control the bumps,” said Ashcroft. “We just have to grab the bull by the horns, try to address it and do our best – it’s amazing how successful we can be.”

“That doesn’t mean don’t ever prepare or don’t get ready,” said Ashcroft. “By going to law school you’re getting prepared.”

Her final advice to students was simple: “Be the best that you can be!”