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40 days of prayer at Regent University

40 Days of Prayer & Fasting at Regent University

Since 1978, Regent University has upheld a legacy of Christian leadership and service. In 40 years, Regent has trained more than 31,000 students from 100 different countries to become world-changing leaders. Outstanding leadership starts with a solid foundation. Regent’s Robertson School of Government will host the second annual 40 Days of Prayer & Fasting event this fall to pay homage to God, the university’s foundation.

What is 40 Days of Prayer?

40 Days of Prayer is an event that invites believers to pray and study the Bible together. These days are times of earnest intercession and believing in God to answer prayer. Some also participate in 40 days of Prayer and Fasting to help renew the spirit and focus wholly on God. 

The 40 Days of Prayer is inspired by Matthew 4:1-11, where Jesus fasted for forty days and forty nights and cited Scripture to resist the temptations of Satan. 

The forty days serve as a time of fasting and prayer to draw closer to God and strengthen your prayer life. Daily prayer time brings great hope and encouragement. 

40 Days of prayer celebrates the biblical new year in fellowship with a like-minded community while focusing on confession of sin, repentance, and reconnection with the Holy Father. Prayer is a gift bought by the blood of Jesus and celebrated during this fellowship.

40 Days of Prayer & Fasting at Regent University

This remarkable prayer event will be hosted by Michele Bachmann, Dean of the Robertson School of Government and former United States Congresswoman. After a long career in government relations, she knows that our world needs more prayer.  

“Prayer is a conversation between the individual and the Holy Spirit to remain connected on a daily basis with the God who created us. It is the wisest course of action mankind can take,” said Dean Bachmann.  

The idea to host 40 Days of Prayer & Fasting came from the desire to see God move in our world—not only in politics but in people’s hearts. This event will offer an opportunity for fellowship with members of the body of Christ worldwide. 

This time of fasting and fellowship will serve as an opportunity for confession and repentance but primarily focused on the Scriptures. Each day you can expect to read the Scriptures and pray accordingly for the university, the nations of the world, and the direction of our country. Attendees will lift personal prayer requests as the Lord leads. 

Experience the glory of God as he moves in your life and the lives of others. Dean Bachmann has received the Lord’s grace and goodness through 40 Days of Prayer. “I have observed miraculous answers to prayer as a result of our focused time together,” she said. 

“It is my experience that this sets the entire year on the proper footing by seeking the Lord in this 40 Days of Prayer & Fasting.” 

Prayer is an essential part of any believer’s faith. Begin your year with the proper foundation. 

Join us at from August 26 – October 5, 2022 from 10 – 10:30 am ET as we lift our hearts and hands in prayer.