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Regent University is a Christian Institution Offering Undergraduate, Graduate, and Doctoral Degrees Located in Virginia Beach, VA 23464

2015: The Year of Health Care at Regent

When the Associated Press released its top 10 Facebook topics for 2014, three of them were closely related to the topic of health care. International epidemics and national politics highlighted health care in the news, and the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge on social media inspired millions to donate against disease. As this topic continues to take center stage, Regent University is tailoring courses to focus on health care, and is now offering undergraduate and graduate students many ways to study to become professionals in related fields.

U.S. News & World Report declared that in 2014 those looking for job security should enter the field of health care. A report from January of last year noted that it will be a “major job growth engine during the next decade,” and that 17 of the 30 fastest-growing jobs are in health care related fields. Regent University sees not just the economic imperative of offering health care-focused education but also the mission opportunities it provides for Christian professionals.

Like the rest of Regent’s existing programs, the new health care offerings will be tailored to equip students with practical knowledge and spiritual wisdom. From the College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) to the School of Business & Leadership (SBL), students will study the science of healing physically, art of healing spiritually and skill of leading with integrity. Eight-week-long courses will allow students to start pursuing their calling into this field six times per year at undergraduate and graduate levels.

A new major in the College of Arts & Sciences

Regent’s College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) is now offering a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Healthcare Management and is providing avenues for students to continue an education in health care beyond graduation. The new B.S. exposes students to medical terminology, marketing, accounting, finance, informatics and organizational dynamics. As they learn about information systems, medical records, clinical workflow and computing technologies, they will also examine current issues, legislation and ethical concerns as it pertains to the topic.

“Regent has made a deliberate decision to invest in science education to develop Christian leaders who will be prepared to engage and transform the culture through scientific knowledge and Christ-like character,” said Dr. Moreno-Riano, executive vice-president for Academic Affairs. “Our lab and our science and health care programs will serve students who will influence the world for generations to come.”

The new major is targeted to launch Fall of 2015 within the Business, Leadership and Information Systems Department. It will require 21 credit hours in core health care management courses and 24 credit hours in business and leadership. Core courses will examine topics including operational management, contemporary issues, informatics, financial management, ethical and legal issues. The degree also aims to prepare students to pursue a graduate degree in business, law or government.

Granting Early Acceptance to Eastern Virginia Medical School

The launch of the new major for undergrads comes as Regent partners with prestigious higher educational institutions in Virginia to allow undergrads from a variety of majors to pursue a medical education beyond Regent. The CAS officially announced an agreement with Eastern Virginia Medical School (EVMS) late last year. Under its terms, the arrangement guarantees Regent undergrad students the possibility of early acceptance into five of its graduate medical programs.

A Master’s of Business Administration with a health care concentration

Business-minded students may choose to continue their health care education in Regent’s School of Business and Leadership (SBL). Those working toward a Master’s in Business Administration now have the option to customize their learning for a concentration in health care. Professors configured the program new for 2015 as it saw an influx of students who work as health care professionals interested in learning more about the business.

“We saw the trickle slowly increasing with the growth of the health care industry,” said Dr. Greg Stone, director of Regent’s MBA program. “Consequently, we began looking into the feasibility of establishing a concentration to better meet the needs of health care professionals who wanted more core business knowledge. We also found that we had access to some very qualified industry professionals who could teach the courses in the concentration.”

The new concentration pulls courses from the School of Business and Leadership, the School of Law and the Robertson School of Government. Students will learn about managing change in health care organizations, health care finance, policy, ethics and law.

On an undergraduate and graduate, online and in-class level, Regent University is taking a comprehensive approach to integrating health care into its education offerings for traditional and non-traditional students. School leaders and professors have dedicated hours consulting experts, developing curriculum and forging relationships to provide a place where students can be molded into Christian leaders in health care to change the world.

A Master’s in Organizational Leadership concentrated on health care

Regent’s SBL also designed a health care concentration for its Master’s of Organizational Leadership students. New and experienced health care professionals can expect to graduate from the program prepared for careers as hospital administrators, long-term care administrators, medical services office managers, health care policy analysts, directors and managers of quality management, and corporate compliance or risk management directors.

Since the health care field is rapidly changing, coursework covers strategies for successful change management, strategic planning, assessing organizational environments and competitive situations, entrepreneurial technologies, health care policy, ethics and legal issues. The curriculum will even expose students to forensic medicine, medical malpractice, medical proof in litigation and structure and operation of the health care delivery system.

Obtaining more information

Information about all of Regent’s health care offerings can be found according to school. Regent University is on the cutting edge of health care education. Its graduates are entering hospitals, businesses and mission-fields to change the world, and its admissions counselors are standing by to enroll new students.