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The chapel and Divinity Building of Regent, a top Virginia Beach college.
Rosemarie Scotti Hughes, Ph.D.
Dean Emerita, School of Psychology & Counseling

Rosemarie Scotti Hughes, Ph.D.


Dr. Rosemarie Scotti Hughes has a passion for helping parents of children with special needs inspired. Her second of four sons was born with an intellectual genetic disability. As a parent, she often experienced a lack of adequate support and information to help him and her family best. Earning a master’s degree from Regent (then CBN University) and a doctorate from Old Dominion University equipped her with the credentials and tools to fulfill her calling across many venues.

Hughes was the first dean of the School of Psychology & Counseling of Regent University and is a licensed professional counselor and marriage and family therapist in Virginia. She has presented at local, state, national, and international conferences and served on professional boards. She has published books about families with children with special needs and served on the Board of Counseling in Virginia for eight years and chair for two years. She was honored by The Rosemarie S. Hughes Endowed Chair of Christian Thought in Mental Health Practice from Living Stones Ministry.

After retirement from 23 years at Regent, she worked in private practice with families with special needs children and adults with varying disabilities, the military, and marriage counseling.

In addition, she was online adjunct faculty for several universities. She also chaired boards of nonprofit organizations whose focus is people with disabilities and their families.

In 2018 Dr. Hughes published Forever Parenting: Voices of Parents of adults with Special Needs; and continues to present at conferences.