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Tabmitha Jervey, Ph.D.
Visiting Assistant Professor, Science & Mathematics757.352.4140

Tabmitha Jervey, Ph.D.


Dr. Tabmitha Young Jervey has over 18 years of experience in university teaching and research and has successfully designed and implemented best-practices for teaching, research, mentoring, and training methods for future scientists in the classroom and the laboratory. Since 2016, Dr. Jervey has served as an Adjunct Professor, teaching Biochemistry and Biology at in the Department of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. On July 1, 2018, Dr. Jervey became a full-time faculty member. Prior to serving as Visiting Assistant Professor at Regent, Dr. Jervey was an Assistant Professor of Biology for 12 years at Norfolk State University. Dr. Jervey currently teaches Biochemistry, Nutrition, Anatomy and Physiology, and General Biology.

Dr. Jervey earned her B.S. degree in Biology in 1991 from Norfolk State University in Norfolk, Virginia. She earned her Ph.D. degree in Biomedical Sciences with an emphasis in Molecular Virology in 2001 from Eastern Virginia Medical School and Old Dominion University. She has over 15 years in Herpesvirus research on the transcriptional controls of Human Cytomegalovirus. Recently, her interest has shifted to understanding the epigenetic impact nutrition on overcoming viral infection.

Dr. Jervey cherishes all time spent with family, both immediate and extended. She loves growing in her walk with Christ, sharing HIS love with others, morning runs, occasional kayaking and reading nonfiction.


Cooperative Transcriptional Regulation of the Human Cytomegalovirus UL98 Promoter, Jervey, T.Y., Dissertation 2001.
Multiple regulatory events influence human cytomegalovirus DNA polymerase (UL54) expression during viral infection. Kerry JA, Priddy MA, Jervey TY, Kohler CP, Staley TL, Vanson CD, Jones TR, Iskenderian AC, Anders DG, Stenberg RM, Journal of Virology 70(1):373-82 · January 1996
The Human Cytomegalovirus UL98 Gene Transcription Unit Overlaps with the pp28 True Late Gene (UL99) and Encodes a 58-Kilodalton Early Protein. Adam BL, Jervey TY, Kohler CP, Wright GL, Nelson JA, Stenberg RM. Journal of Virology, Sept. 1995, p. 5304–5310


Crisis Pregnancy Center
Position on Purpose (POP) Women
Faith Community Church


American Society for Microbiology member 1994-2007


Epigenetics, Natural Health, Immunotherapy via bioorganic sources (micro and macronutrients)


I believe that establishing relationships with students from the start says, “I care about YOU.” The follow up requires that I am available, attentive, and encouraging. Accountability is key to student improvement. The notion that aspects of faith must remain separate from science is continually reflected upon as each course blends the two in the way students consider the scientific discoveries, in the way students hone their scientific skills, and the consideration of discovering the very principles and laws set forth by God.

It a privilege to partner with others in service to our students through the integration of faith and scholarship. The best possible outcome for a successful scholastic exchange hinges on a faith-underpinning where a) the active, ongoing growth of the professor results in modeling Christ-likeness; b) the transfer of scientific knowledge happens through the alignment of the discipline with biblical truths; and c) the translation of that knowledge manifests student-service for the advancement of the Kingdom of God. The overall worldview of the student will strongly influence how the student will utilize his/her education as a citizen of the world. In this setting at Regent University, Christian leadership can facilitate the making of world changers.


  • Norfolk State University Faculty Award-Biology (2014)
  • Norfolk State University Outstanding Research Mentoring (2008)
  • Norfolk State University Outstanding Research Mentoring (2007)
  • EVMS/NSU/ODU Annual Research Exposition Outstanding Poster Presentation First Prize (2008)