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The chapel and Divinity Building of Regent, a top Virginia Beach college.
C. Eric Jones, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Psychology757.352.4742

C. Eric Jones, Ph.D.


Dr. C. Eric Jones received his Ph.D. in Experimental Social Psychology from Florida Atlantic University and taught at Palm Beach Atlantic University and Montreat College before joining the faculty of Regent University.

His research interests focus on how the Christian view of human nature informs social psychology and positive psychology. When asked about his teaching philosphophy, he shares, “I especially enjoy teaching about the intersection of Christianity and psychology beyond the conceptual level and into areas of life application. Although learning is, to a large degree, up to the student, I work hard to provide an environment in which student learning is facilitated through the presentation of clear psychological content, appropriate theological context, and personal application based on theologically grounded psychological principles and research.”

Dr. Jones is a fan of college football and basketball, dislikes yardwork, and enjoys most anything that involves his lovely wife and children.


Ph.D., Experimental Social Psychology M.A. Experimental Psychology B.A. Psychology


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Society for Personality & Social Psychologists
APA Division 8 – Social Psychology
Southeastern Psychological Association

The Society for Christin Psychology, Executive Board Member
Christian Scholar’s Review, Board Member


Teacher of the Year Award, Regent University, 2018
Opening Plenary Speaker, Health & Human Flourishing Conference, LCC International University, Klaipeda Lithuania