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Matthew Fretwell, D.Min.
Assistant Professor

Matthew Fretwell, D.Min.

Regent University’s adjunct professors are rigorously selected so that they help students grow in knowledge and faith. These professors, who teach on a contractual basis, must be dedicated to Christ-centered teaching and learning; have a record of or potential for academic scholarship; possess the ability to teach undergraduate-level and/or graduate-level courses, and embrace Regent’s Identity and Mission statements and subscribe to a statement of Christian faith.


The Rev. Dr. Matt Fretwell has been appointed as an assistant professor for the Regent University School of Divinity. He holds a B.S. in Religion, Th.M., and M.Div. in Professional Ministries from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary, and a D.Min. in Great Commission Disciple-Making from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. In addition to being adjunct faculty at Regent, he serves as a catalyst with the Lausanne Global Church Planting Network and participates with the Motus Dei Research Network and the global Movement Leaders Collective. He is an advocate board member of Living Bread Ministries, a global comprehensive church planting organization that reaches poverty-stricken cities, neighborhoods and villages.

Fretwell is an ordained pastor within the Southern Baptist Convention. He has served as a church planter, hospice chaplain, revitalization pastor, and discipleship and evangelism pastor. He was contracted with the Virginia Affiliated International Pentecostal Holiness Church as the executive director of Multiplication. He served four years as the executive director for the New Breed Church Planting Network.

Additionally, Fretwell serves the Eastern Region Evangelical Theological Society as the second vice president. He has written church planting, missions, discipleship, and church revitalization curriculum for several Bible colleges, denominations, and organizations. He has authored 10 books, written articles for leadership websites, and peer-reviewed papers regarding mission, reproducible disciple-making, global movements, church planting, and diaspora.

Fretwell is active in assisting local churches in multiplying, revitalizing, and growing. He currently resides in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Areas of Research & Supervision

Church Planting
Church Revitalization
Church Movements
Reproducible Disciple-making
Cultural Exegesis