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Kevin Cooney, Ph.D.
Distinguished Affiliate Faculty

Kevin Cooney, Ph.D.


Dr. Kevin Cooney joined the faculty of the Robertson School of Government at Regent University in 2019. He is a noted scholar on East Asian security and Japanese foreign policy, as well as cybersecurity. Several of his books are required reading in various Asian foreign ministries. He has served as an expert commentator on Asian security and policy for global media outlets. Dr. Cooney has lectured extensively throughout Japan, China, Southeast Asia, and Africa.

In 2020, Dr. Cooney became the 2nd President of the Wilberforce International Institute. Kevin has his Ph.D. in International Relations from Arizona State University, a Post-Doc in Business from the University of Florida, a MA from Lancaster University (UK), and a BA from Oral Roberts University. He holds a Visiting Professor position at Ritsumeikan Asian Pacific University (APU) in Japan, in addition to teaching graduate courses at Regent University. He has previously taught at Arizona State University, Grand Canyon University, Union University, and Northwest University, earning both tenure and the rank of full professor.

Dr. Cooney has published widely, including Japanese Foreign Policy Since 1945 and Rising China and International Security: America and East Asia Respond, and for the past fifteen years has served as director of the Liberty Tree Seminars series, funded by the Charles Koch Charitable Foundation. Dr. Cooney has been married to Atsuko for 30+ years, and together they have two children. The Cooneys reside in Snoqualmie, Washington, outside of Seattle.


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