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Regent’s Exceptional Curriculum & Faculty

Honor the Past. Change the Future. Live for God’s Glory.

What kind of classes will you take at Regent? We are committed to promoting a life dedicated to truth, goodness, and beauty – and our curriculum reflects that promise.

General Education

At Regent, general education is a shared transformative experience among students that will change you – intellectually and spiritually – and will contribute to your major studies in significant ways. Regent’s general education explores critical aspects of human life: the refinement of the mind and worldview; the development of moral discernment, reason, and courage; and the nurturing of Christian leadership. The curriculum also equips you with foundational knowledge and skills in mathematics, writing, science, economics, and public speaking, so that you can be prepared to humbly and wisely serve others.

Regent’s General Education curriculum is nationally recognized by the American Council of Trustees and Alumni, earning an “A” rating – only one of 23 “A’s” awarded in the United States. This curriculum is dedicated to truth, goodness, and beauty in English Composition, Literature, Economics, U.S. History/Government, Mathematics, and the Natural Sciences.

As part of Regent’s General Education, Regent has three foundational courses:

  • GENE 100 The Making of the Christian Mind
  • GENE 250 The Making of the Christian Life
  • GENE 402 The Making of a Christian Leader

A Christian Life in Culture

Jesus calls His followers to be salt and light in the world so that people would glorify the Father in heaven (Matthew 5:13–16). To be salt and light in our own day, we must have a deep understanding of biblical truth. To develop Christian leadership skills, Regent offers a unique and compelling program for all on-campus students. The Christianity and Culture minor is designed to help students learn to interpret Scripture and to evaluate the culture, so they can live for God’s Glory. The 15-credit minor is required for all on-campus students who enter the institution with fewer than 60 hours of transfer credit and is comprised of the following courses:

  • BIBL 105 Introduction to Bible
  • BIBL 106 Christian Doctrine
  • GENE 150 The True, the Good & the Beautiful
  • HIST 207 Western Civilization I
  • HIST 208 Western Civilization II

Life with Faculty

Your life at Regent will not be lived alone. Our faculty will guide you through mentorship opportunities, research projects, class instruction, and conversations around campus. Regent faculty members invest in the lives of students and are committed to your success and well-being. Faculty members are graduates of prestigious universities including Duke University, Yale University, Oxford University, University of Missouri, University of California (Irvine), George Mason University, University of South Carolina, Baylor University, William & Mary, University of Illinois, University of Texas (Austin), Duquesne University, Ohio University, Dallas Theological Seminary, University of Virginia, Rutgers University, and many others.

Other UniversitiesRegent University
Human DignityIndulgenceFreedom within virtue
HopeCritical theories & relativismCritical thinking & objective Truth
KnowledgeEmpty promises of fabricated utopiasReal hope in God’s sovereign plan
LeadershipFollowing the mobLeading the way for good
CivilitySpeech codes, safe spaces, and violent revolutionTolerance, rigorous debate, and principled reform
FaithEmpty chapels and forgotten faithRobust worship that honors the Gospel
CharacterA godless and immoral cultureRespect for the dignity of young men and women