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77 Coffeehouse Catering Request

All “event information” fields are required. Please complete a separate request for each meal.

  1. Detailed Event Information

  2. Catering Set-Up/Tear-Down

    Catering Set-Up/Tear-Down includes a 77 staff member setting up event using coffee dispensers and/or boxes of pastries, and completing product removal.

    Catering Pick-up

    Catering Pick-up includes to-go cartons of coffee and/or boxes of pastries with provided paper goods & coffee condiments.
  3. The requester is responsible for paying any staffing outside of regular operation hours (8am-5pm) and for paying the cost of paper goods/coffee condiments.

  4. (please be specific)

  5. (final count due 7 days prior to event)

  6. Product Requested
  7. $  
  8. Coffee Desired
  9. Pastries Desired

  10. For Regent Events: Budget and Authorization Information

  11. (this must be an authorized signer for your cost center)

  12. Please Provide Accurate Contact Information
  13. $
  14. $
  15. $
  16. 77 Coffeehouse will respond to the application with a total price based on product, paper goods, and possible staffing charges.