Pell Grant for Undergraduate Students

Regent University participates in the Federal Pell Grant Program for undergraduate students.

To be considered for eligibility:

Amount Awarded:

  • 2018-2019: $0-$6,095 (maximum annual award)

Typically, Pell grant disburses in two equal parts per academic year (fall and spring semesters). Although disbursed at the beginning of a semester, students must earn their Pell by completing and participating in registered courses.

The Department of Education (ED) determines Pell grant awards on a sliding scale based on the combination of two factors:

  1. Expected Family Contribution (EFC): Your EFC is determined by information provided on the FAFSA. The Student Aid Report (SAR) lists your EFC and details the overall FAFSA results. ED phrases the EFC as a dollar amount and it represents the expected financial contribution from you (and your family) toward the cost of your education; however, it does not imply an obligation to pay out-of-pocket. It does place all students within a “need category” designed to determine eligibility for Pell grant, Stafford Loans, etc.
  2. Enrollment Status: The number of credits you take in a semester determines the amount of your awarded Pell grant you may receive. Full-time enrollment provides students with the maximum Pell grant disbursement awarded for a specific semester. Pell grants pro-rate based on a student’s enrollment below full-time status. Below is a chart to help you determine what your enrollment status is for each semester:


Enrollment Status
# of Credits Per Semester
Full Time 12+ credits
3/4 Time 9-11 credits
1/2 Time 6-8 credits
Less than 1/2 Time 0-5 credits


Note: Students enrolled in the 8-week online or on-campus program have the ability to register in each of two sessions per semester. If you recieve Pell grant or other federal financial aid and enroll in the 8-week program, it is recommended that you enroll for both semester sessions before the semester begins to ensure that you maximize your federal aid eligibility.

View the 2017-2018 Pell Grant chart to determine the approximate amount of your Pell Grant for the 2017-2018 academic year.