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Success Stories

“I am a career soldier—an Army strategist. Currently, I am the III Armored Corps G5, responsible for approximately 90,000 soldiers. I was not sure my writing skills were up to the task, but I find that I enjoy the reading and writing aspects of the program.”

Colonel CJ Phillips, Doctor of Strategic Leadership

“I cannot begin to express the overwhelming joy and excitement of being mentored in Regent’s Executive Mentorship Program. I've poured into others for years – and will continue to so – but it was so refreshing, so liberating, and so empowering to have a mentor who encouraged me to pursue my goals, dreams, and aspirations. On a scale of 1 to 10, Regent’s executive mentors are a 20!”

Chenille White, Ph.D. Organizational Leadership, 2024 Mentee

“My Spiritual Formation class acts as a daily guide for me...I was once away from God and wrestling with him...The book points out that the Kingdom of Heaven is wherever Jesus is. Because I am a believer, The Almighty is with me...Regardless of how and what we feel, God still blesses us by showing us how mighty He is. A God of His word.”

Chaplain Mario Samaniego, Master of Divinity