Regent University Bookstore

Where is the Bookstore?

To access the bookstore, log in to Blackboard through the MyRegent portal. The Regent University Bookstore transitioned to an online-only store in the summer of 2015. We have contracted with MBS Direct to provide a bookstore that is embedded within Blackboard, which allows students the opportunity to see all of the required and recommended books according to their course registration. You can also search for textbook information for all classes as you make registration decisions. MBS Direct offers competitive pricing, upfront guaranteed buyback offers, rental options, financial aid credit, 24/7 customer support, and free ground shipping at the start of each term.

How do I order my books?

Log in to the MyRegent portal to access your Blackboard account. Then, select Blackboard Store from the homepage. (If you ever hide this link from your Blackboard homepage, you can still access the store from the Tools and RU Resources sections.) For guests and prospective students who do not have access to Blackboard, you can create a Blackboard Store account here.

Be sure to order your course books early and plan accordingly! Can take 1 – 2 Weeks to ship.

You can view a short video tutorial on how to navigate through the store here.

How do I use Financial Aid?

If you have an anticipated financial aid refund, you will receive an email from Regent letting you know how much of your anticipated refund you can use as a credit/voucher in the online store. You will also receive an email from MBS Direct containing a voucher code that you must have in order to access the funds for your online purchase. Please note that financial aid credits will not be available any earlier than 28 days in advance of a semester or session. The schedule of earliest dates of availability is available on the financial aid website. Actual dates of availability depend on the particular session and the timing of a student's financial aid application being finalized.

Can I still use Military Aid (Vocational Rehabilitation, Virginia Army National Guard, Undergraduate Military Book Credit) to purchase my books?

Yes! For complete details on how to use your military-related benefits, please visit this website.

How do I get customer support assistance?

MBS Direct offers 24/7 customer support! You can contact them at 1-866-638-5900 or

My employer pays for my textbooks. (Or, a disability agency pays for my textbooks.) How can I make arrangements for a third party to be billed for my order?

Contact MBS third party billing, the number to call is 800-325-3252 and ask for a price quote. Once they receive the price quote for the needed books ; give this to your employer and they can place a credit card order through the blackboard store or submit the order with a check by mail.

Please submit mail orders to MBS Direct, 2805 Falling Leaf Lane, Columbia, MO 65201.

Where can I buy Regent clothes and gifts?

Regent's gift shop is located on the first floor of the Student Center. You can purchase Regent clothing, gifts, school supplies, and snacks there. The gift shop also has sells clothes and gift items online at