Servant Leadership Research Roundtable Proceedings

2003 - Present


Anderson, J.

The Writings of Robert K. Greenleaf: An Interpretive Analysis and the Future of Servant Leadership

Ayers, M.

Agapao in Servant Leadership

Baldomir, J.

Servant Leadership as a Model for Unifying First and Second Generation Chinese American Churches

DeHaven, D.

The Influence of Servant Leadership on Certified Knowledge Managers’ Perception of Knowledge Management

Earnhardt, M.

Testing a Servant Leadership Theory among United States Military Members

Gauby, S.

The Effect of Fasting Upon the Development of Servant Leaders

Grahn, T.

Analogies between Gardening and Organizational Leadership

Hirschy, J.

Servant Leadership: A Case Study of Jamaica Link Ministries

Hood, J.

The Organization as a Reflection of its Followership: Servant Leadership as a Model for Leading in the Upper Echelons

Hunsaker, W.

Spiritual Leadership in a South Korea Cultural Context

McIntosh, T.
Irving, J.

Evaluating the Instrumento de Contribución al Liderazgo de Siervo (ICLS) for Reliability in Latin America

Moosbrugger, D.
Patterson, K.

The Servant Leadership of a Law Enforcement Chaplain

Rego, L.
Garau, R.
Hammet, P.

Stepping into the Void

West, G.R.
Bocârnea, M.

Servant Leadership and Organizational Outcomes: Relationships in United States and Filipino Higher Educational Settings


Cerff, K.
Bocarnea, M.

Group-Centered Leading Factor as a Scale for Measuring Altruism

Christman, R.

Research Roundtable Presentation: Servant Leadership and Power in Positional-Led Organizations

Dannhauser, Z.

Can the Positive Impact of Servant Leaders be associated with Behaviors Paralleling Followers' Success?

Fields, D.
Hale, J.

Exploring Servant Leadership across Cultures: A Study of Followers in Ghana and the USA

Griffith, S.

Servant Leadership, Ethics and the Domains of Leadership

Keller, G.

Servant Leadership: A Strategy for Philanthropy

Kimura, R.

Developing Christian Relief and Development NGOs’ Cambodian Staff Toward Becoming Servant Leaders

Lanctot, J.
Irving, J.

Character and Leadership:
Situating Servant Leadership in a Proposed Virtues Framework

Patterson, K.
Dannhauser, Z.
Stone, A.

From Noble to Global: The Attributes of Global Leadership

Rittle, D.

Value Diversity and Affective Conflict Reduction
Model: Reducing Value Diversity through Servant

Spencer, J.

The New Frontier of Servant Leadership

Wallace, D.

The Power of a Hyphen: The Primacy of Servanthood in Servant-Leadership

Wong, P
Davey, D.

Best Practices in Servant Leadership


Bekker, C.

The Phillipians Hymn (2:5-11) as an early mimetic Christological model of Christian Leadership in Roman Philippi

Boyum, G.

The Historical and Philosophical Influences on Greenleaf's Concept of Servant Leadership: Setting the Stage for Scientific Theory Building

Cerff, K. & Winston, B.

The Inclusion of Hope in the Servant Leadership Model: An Extension of Patterson and Winston's Models

Dingman, W. & Stone, A. G.

Servant Leadership's Role in the Succession Planning Process

Dannhauser, Z.

The Relationships between Servant Leadership, Trust, Team Commitment and Demographic Variables

Jacobs, G.

Servant Leadership and Follower Commitment

Hathaway, A. C.

Servant Church: Preaching and Teaching Servant theology to African American Leaders in Union Baptist Church of Baltimore

Irving, J. & Longbotham, G.

Team Effectiveness and Six Essential Servant Leadership Themes: A Regression Model Based on items in the Organizational Leadership Assessment

Millard, B., & Rick Christman

The Leadership Dilemma for Evangelicals : McGregor's Theory Y vs. the Doctrine of the Original Depravity of Humanity

Poon, R.
Regent University

A Model for Servant Leadership, Self-Efficacy and Mentorship

Mark A. Rennaker & Daniel A. Novak

Servant Leadership Context: A Multi-Case Pilot Study

Sullivan, J.J.

Strategic Assessment and Plan: A Four-Phased Approach

Waddell, J.T.

Servant Leadership

Wallace, R. J.

Servant Leadership: A Worldview Perspective


Anderson, Joe

Servant Leadership and the True Parental Model

Barnes, Joanne

We're Not the Center of the Universe Anymore!

Bekker, Corné J.

Kenotic Mysticism and Servant Leadership in the letters of Clare of Assisi to Agnes of Prague

Carthen, Jason D.

Transactional Leadership in Professional Football: Is Servant Leadership the Preferred Alternative?

Drury, Sharon

Teacher as Servant Leader: A Faculty Model for Effectiveness with Students

Fenton–LeShore, Karen S.

Effectively Teaching Servant Leadership to Adult Learners

Irving, Justin

Exploring the Relationship between Servant Leadership and Team Effectiveness: Findings from the Nonprofit Sector

Koshal, Jeremiah O.

Servant Leadership Theory: Application of the Construct of Service in the Context of Kenyan Leaders and Managers

Matteson, Jeffrey A., &
Irving, Justin A.

Servant versus Self-Sacrificial Leadership: Commonalities and Distinctions of Two Follower-Oriented Leadership Theories

Nixon, Maureen M.

The Servant Leadership: Followership Continuum from a Social Psychology Cognitive Perspective

Parolini, Jeanine L.

Investigating the Relationships Among Emotional Intelligence, Servant Leadership Behaviors, and Servant Leadership Culture

Spears, Larry C.

The Understanding and Practice of Servant-Leadership

Stone, Gregory &
Kathleen Patterson

The History of Leadership Focus

Rennaker, Mark

Servant Leadership: A Chaotic Leadership Theory

Winston, Bruce

Servant and Transformational Followership as a Consumptive Experience


Cerff, Karen

Exploring Ubuntu and the African Renaissance: A Conceptual Study of Servant Leadership from an African Perspective

Drury, Sharon

Servant Leadership and Organizational Commitment: New Findings and Implications

Hale, Jeff

A Contextualized Model for Cross-cultural Leadership in West Africa

Helland, Martha

Maestro-An Exploration into the Development of a Servant Leader

Idowu, Toks 


Irving, Justin

Servant Leadership and the Effectiveness of Teams: Findings and Implications

Laub, Jim

Defining Servant Leadership: A Recommended Typology for Servant Leadership Studies

Ndoria, Jefferson

Servant Leadership: Academic Jargon or Lifestyle?

Ndoria, Joyce

The Servant Leader:  A natural inclination or a taught behavior

Nwogu, Ogbo George

Servant Leadership Model: The Role of Follower Self-Esteem, Emotional Intelligence, and Attributions on Organizational Effectiveness

Page, Don

Experiential Learning for Servant-Leadership

Parolini, Jeanine

Effective servant leadership: A model incorporating servant leadership and the competing values framework

Patterson, Kathleen

Servant Leadership: Examining the Virtues of Love and Humility (Co-Authored with Greg Stone)

Ulrich, Jim Wolford

Seeing Servant Leadership Through the Lens of Design

Winston, Bruce

Similarities between Emotional Intelligence and Servant Leadership (Co-Authored with Michael Hartsfield)


Laub, James

From Paternalism to the Servant Organization

Patterson, Kathleen

Servant Leadership - A Theoretical Model

Rude, Wally J.

Paradoxical Leadership - The Impact of Servant-Leadership on Burnout of Staff

Russell, Robert

A Practical Theology of Servant Leadership

Sendjaya, Sen

Development and Validation of Servant Leadership Behavior Scale

Stone, Greg

Transformational versus Servant Leadership - A Difference in Leader Focus

Winston, Bruce

Extending Patterson's Servant Leadership Model: Coming Full Circle

Wong, Paul T. P.

Servant leadership: An Opponent-Process Model and the Revised Servant Leadership Profile

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