Online Doctor of Strategic Leadership (DSL): Strategic Foresight Concentration

Equipping Regent University's business students with the ethics and insights necessary to plan for and address future opportunities and challenges, the Strategic Foresight concentration offers students a unique preparation for leading strategic initiatives that require a future perspective rooted in strong character qualities. Graduates of the online degree program will typically assume roles as strategic leaders within an organization, consultants in the field of strategic foresight or university instructors teaching leadership and strategic foresight.

Strategic Foresight Concentration-Specific Outcomes

As a Doctor of Strategic Leadership student enrolled in the Strategic Foresight concentration, you will:

  • Lead a scenario learning process for a leadership team that analyzes emerging trends and tests the organizational strategy against a range of these possible futures.
  • Evaluate the long-term impact of a policy intervention in the context of a national or regional forecast of 21st-century driving forces.
  • Conduct an audit of a client organization and offer suggestions on how they might improve their anticipatory management to frame and advance their mission.

Conducted online, Doctor of Strategic Leadership (DSL) students in Strategic Foresight use the autonomous learning model that requires DSL students to learn independently, but not alone. Students in the online doctorate program will be engaged in a transformational process employing intellectual and spiritual truths that redefine one's comprehension of leadership and enhance one's impact in the workplace.

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Jim Tilton, DSL '06

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