Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership — Entrepreneurial Leadership

School of Business & Leadership

The Doctor of Philosophy in Organizational Leadership, offered online with minimal on-campus residency, is a research-based terminal degree that will prepare you to influence and invigorate organizations around the world as a scholar, teacher or business leader. Through the concentration in Entrepreneurial Leadership, you will explore the depths of entrepreneurship in the global marketplace and the leadership dynamics that drive the field.

  • Study how to lead entrepreneurial ventures through international market, learning and networking orientation, as well as international innovation propensity and risk attitude.
  • Explore global economics and kingdom business strategies that involve both the business and missions worlds.
  • Conduct and report original research on entrepreneurial leadership issues, such as marketing, finance, operations and human resource management.

Career Opportunities: Be prepared to teach organizational leadership or entrepreneurial studies at the university level or conduct research in association with government, corporations and think tanks.

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Delivery Format: Online w/Residency

Total Credit Hours Required: 60

Approved Degree Plan: Click to download PDF

Application Deadlines:

Fall: July 1*
Spring: December 1*
Summer: April 1*

*Or until the cohort is full. To determine if space is available, please contact the Admissions Office at or 757.352.4400.

Applicants must submit all materials, noted below, by the deadline to be considered for the appropriate term.

Doctoral Degree Requirements for Admission

When applying to the Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership or the Doctor of Strategic Leadership programs, the admissions committee, comprised of several faculty members, will use a rubric to independently evaluate and score each of the following criteria:

  • Academic achievement in bachelor's and master's programs
  • Writing quality
  • Alignment of personal goals to Ph.D. or DSL outcomes
  • Number of years in leadership positions
  • Leadership development and impact
  • Number of leadership positions held


Doctoral applicants must:

  • Hold a master’s degree from a regionally accredited institution or an equivalent degree from a foreign institution, as evaluated by a credential evaluating agency.
  • Submit all application materials such that they are received by the deadline for the semester to which they are applying. Once the application requirements have been fulfilled, an admissions interview may be requested. Interviews are by invitation only.

 Admissions Process:

1. Complete Your Online Application

Submit your application using our Regent University Online Application.

Note: If you are unable to complete our application due to a disability, please contact our Admissions Office and an admissions representative will provide reasonable accommodations to assist you in completing the application.                

2. Pay Your $50 Application Fee

Option 1: Pay the $50 application fee online during the application process, via our Miscellaneous Payments Form, or by check or money order mailed to Regent University, Enrollment Support Services, 1000 Regent University Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23464.

Option 2: Attend a Graduate School of Business & Leadership on-campus or online information session to learn how to streamline your application process, discover financial aid resources, and waive your $50 application fee. RSVP Today!

3. Submit Your Unofficial College Transcripts

Regent University's Office of the Registrar is requesting your official transcripts from your degree-granting institution(s) on your behalf. However, we are able to examine your unofficial transcript in order to provide you an admissions decision. Please submit your unofficial transcript to our Admissions Office by email to using the subject line: SBL Doctoral Application Pieces.

4. Send Your Professional Resume

Provide an updated copy of your professional resume or curriculum vitae that includes:

  • Employment history with details of leadership responsibilities, skill sets and results – the committee looks at both quantity and quality of responsibilities
  • School, community and church leadership positions – the committee looks at both quantity and quality of positions
  • Service activities in which you have been involved
  • Academic and non-academic honors and distinctions you have received

Your resume should be emailed directly to the Admissions Office at using the subject line: SBL Doctoral Application Pieces.

5. Submit a Writing Sample

Once your online application is complete you can submit the required writing sample through the ETS Criterion Service. This will be an online, 40-minute timed essay prompt with a pre-determined topic. Applicants will receive immediate feedback on the essay from the ETS Criterion Service and the scores will be retrieved by the School of Business & Leadership Admissions Office.               

Online Writing Sample

Writing samples for our doctoral-level applicants are collected and evaluated using the ETS Criterion Service. Your writing sample will be scored on basic composition structure, proper grammar and style so please plan to submit your essay accordingly. You will receive immediate feedback on the essay from the ETS Criterion Service.

Please submit your writing sample using the directions below.

  1. Start at the following webpage:
  2. Click "Create User Account."
  • Be sure to use the same spelling of your name as you provided on your admissions application
Fill in your account information.
  • Access Code for Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership: EQ5V – 6Y2T
  • Access Code for Doctor of Strategic Leadership (DSL): HG4E – Q5KU
Click "Submit." Click "OK." Fill in your new User name and Password under "Returning User." Choose the "Assignments" tab. You will see one assignment, named "Admissions Writing Sample." Click on "Start Response" and you will be provided with the writing prompt on the next screen. Click "OK" to enter the essay screen. The timer will begin once this screen is opened. Read the instructions for submitting your essay. Please keep in mind that you have 40 minutes to read the instructions and complete your writing sample. You will receive a warning when there are 10 minutes remaining on the timer.

***The font used by ETS is different than that used by word. Some functions, such as the Tab, are disabled. If a function is disabled just continue with your essay. Do not try to compensate for the disabled function or your essay will be marked with errors by ETS (i.e.: do not press the space bar 5 times for a Tab, just don't Tab).***

Your writing sample will be reviewed by the admissions committee to ensure that your writing acumen is at a level to meet the demands of graduate school academic writing. Most incoming students will be required to take Regent's ENGL 500 Writing Course, but those applicants who excel on the writing sample may be exempt from having to take ENGL 500.

6. Submit a Leadership Essay

Leadership specific writing samples play an important role in helping the Admissions Committee evaluate a doctoral applicant's research, writing and analytical and problem-solving skills. Your essay should be on "The Most Pressing Leadership Issue of Today" and emailed directly to the Admissions Office at using the subject line: SBL Doctoral Application Pieces. Be sure to adhere to our writing sample guidelines.                


Writing samples play an important role in helping the Admissions Committee evaluate a doctoral applicant's research, writing, analytical and problem-solving skills.

Please provide a separate essay to address the topic: "The most pressing leadership issue of today."

The body (excludes a title page or a reference page) of this writing sample should not exceed one page in length (single spaced, 12-point type).

The Admissions Committee will evaluate the essay based on the following criteria:

  1. Thesis Development and Critical Thinking. The thesis expresses the main idea of the paper in one sentence and informs the reader of the paper's focus. Critical thinking is the act of examining, analyzing and evaluating information followed by the drawing of accurate conclusions. Thesis development and critical thinking include the following four key elements: (a) thesis, (b) argument, (c) research and (d) analysis.
  2. Organization. The structure or outline of the essay assists with the development of the argument and includes fluid transitions to achieve coherence between paragraphs.
  3. Paragraph Development. The structure of each paragraph within the outline is vital to the overall stability of the essay and includes the use of transitions and language within each paragraph.
  4. Mechanics. Clarity through spelling, grammar, punctuation and capitalization is vital in any written document.
  5. Style (APA, MLA or other acceptable style). At the doctoral level, it is important to adhere to a particular writing style as required by the specific academic or professional publication in which one desires to be published. Therefore, the applicant should compose the essay in APA, MLA or other acceptable style. In addition, the applicant should identify the style being used in the writing sample. It is important that the writing sample exhibit the style's guidelines in the areas of: (a) in-text citations, (b) reference list, (c) title, (d) headings, (e) sub-headings, (f) numbers, (g) serial content, (h) quotes, (i) punctuation, etc. While these styles typically require double spacing, we request that, in the case of this writing sample, applicants use single spacing so the essay does not exceed one page.

Your essay should be emailed directly to the Admissions Office at using the subject line: SBL Doctoral Application Pieces.

Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership  - $995 per credit hour*

Student Fees

Cost Per Semester

Enrollment Deposit


RU Library Course Fee

$50 (one-time fee)

ENGL 500-01 Graduate Academic Writing Course


Technology Fee                 



Fall 2017: $275 per residency (All students are responsible for their own lodging, travel arrangements and incidental expenses.)

Beginning Spring 2018: $350 per residency (All students are responsible for their own lodging, travel arrangements and incidental expenses.)

Parking Fee (on-campus students only)


Council of Graduate Students Fee                                
(on-campus students only)

$15 per semester (fall & spring only)

Estimated Additional Expenses

 Cost Per Semester


$250-$350 per 3-credit-hour course

Computer-related Expenses


*Rates are subject to change at any time. TITLE IV LOANS: If students are receiving Title IV Federal Student Loans, they are permitted to enroll in the same course number a maximum of only two semesters. Therefore, doctoral students are encouraged to carefully plan the dissertation/final project stage of their program.

Doctoral Residency

Future Residency Dates

Fall 2017 August 21-24, 2017
Spring 2018 January 16-19, 2018

Summer 2018

May 14-17, 2018

Fall 2018 August 27-30, 2018

The School of Business & Leadership is committed to the historical foundations of the doctoral degree in which a community of scholars is created among faculty mentors and student scholars. Regent University mirrors this historical tradition by using student cohorts, intensive on-campus residencies and a variety of interactive discussion modes that extend beyond topical course discourse.

The Ph.D. and DSL programs in the School of Business & Leadership include two required residencies, each covering four days and held on the campus of Regent University in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The first residency covers program orientation and guidelines, the library use course (UNIV LIB Information Research & Resources) as well as in-class instruction for the first two courses of the core curriculum. The second residency focuses on class instruction for the courses to be taken in the semester as well as doctoral program requirements such as comprehensive exams, doctoral dissertation, DSL Integrative Paper and Final Project.

Registering for Residency

All students must register for their courses through GENISYS by using the Regent login and password they received from the Regent IT Helpdesk once their enrollment form and deposit were processed following acceptance into the doctoral program. Consult your Approved Degree Plan and academic advisor for registration assistance.

The residency fee is attached to one of the courses and includes breakfast and lunch (Monday through Thursday) and dinner (Monday through Wednesday) in the Swan Terrace at The Founders Inn & Spa. Dinner is on your own on Thursday, the final day of residency. Morning and afternoon break refreshments will be provided on campus.

All students are responsible for their own lodging, travel arrangements and incidental expenses associated with the residencies.

Lodging for the Fall 2017 Residency, August 21-24, 2017

The Founders Inn & Spa is adjacent to Regent University and features Grand Georgian architecture, the personal hospitality of a country inn, beautiful gardens, swimming pool, fitness center and spa services for hotel guests. The School of Business & Leadership works closely with The Founders Inn and has secured a special residency rates. The number of discounted rooms is limited, so early reservations are highly encouraged.

The hotel will honor the group rates for reservations received by Friday, July 21, 2017.

The following rates include taxes and fees:

  • Standard Colonial Queen: $141.08
  • Standard Colonial Double: $163.88

Make an online reservation now for the Fall 2017 Residency, or call The Founders Inn reservation desk at 757.366.5700 (Group code: 542573). Guests must identify their affiliation with SBL Fall Residency at the time the reservation is made. Guests arriving prior to the start of event or leaving after the conclusion, will be extended the same rate as above, based on availability.

Should you have any questions regarding residency, please contact the appropriate staff member:

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