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Apply to Be a Student Orientation Leader

What's it all about?

Orientation Leaders (OL) have the privilege of introducing students to campus and student life, creating a memorable experience, and being a trusted guide, mentor, and friend.

What Do Great Orientation Leaders Do?

At each of the orientation events listed below, great orientation leaders will:

  • Maintain enthusiasm and ensure student participation in all orientation events
  • Serve as a positive role model at orientation and beyond
  • Be available to work the entire duration of orientation
  • Participate fully in orientation leader training and required activities
  • Uphold all standards of the Regent Community and fulfill all orientation expectations

Orientation Event


Summer Orientation, Advising & Registration (SOAR) is our Summer Orientation just for freshmen. This orientation event often forms for students a significant bond with Regent and the orientation leaders. Staying overnight in the Regent Commons, SOAR is an opportunity for students transitioning from high school (and homeschool) to get connected with other students, meet student leaders, view their potential housing arrangements, meet with their academic advisor, and get ready for the fall. Parents and their siblings usually attend as well. We hold two (or more) events with different groups of students. OLs will be provided housing accommodations in the Regent Commons for the duration of this time. Review the qualifications.

Be an Orientation Leader