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B.S. in History Educational Goals

  • Majors will express themselves clearly, succinctly, and accurately in writing and speaking about history.
  • Majors will develop the skills and abilities to identify and analyze the wide range of evidences that historians use to construct their understanding of the past.
  • Majors will develop the skills and habits of mind to accurately read, interpret, and analyze the primary sources on which historical study is based
  • Majors will gain the skills necessary for the accurate and timely searching and retrieval of relevant historical sources, both scholarly and primary, from the extensive resources of the library
  • Majors will understand that historical study is not just the history of past politics and government. They will understand that historical study is also concerned with the study of social life, economic activity, intellectual and
    artistic pursuits, gender, geography, and religion
  • Majors will learn to identify and evaluate conflicting interpretations of historical events while forming their own interpretation
  • Majors will learn to be vigilant in identifying social and cultural practices throughout history that reflect and advance the biblical concept of shalom and those practices that distort or contradict that ideal
  • Students will develop and employ the intellectual and theological knowledge and skills necessary for interpreting all of history in light of a Christian perspective.

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