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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Government with an Emphasis in American Government & Politics Degree Overview

On-Campus Government Degree Overview

On-Campus Degree Available

The United States government is one of the longest and perhaps most successful democratic forms of governance in the world. Far from perfect, the longevity and success of American government is due in part to the genius of its founding and brilliance of its institutions. The American Government & Political Science undergraduate degree emphasis investigates the origin, creation and historical development of the United States constitutional institutions as well as their contemporary existence. These government courses also give attention to the public policy process and bureaucratic politics and their relation to the national government. This emphasis befits students interested in postgraduate education in American government and politics as well as in careers in local, state or national government, the private sector, journalism and media, the non-profit industry and many others.

This undergraduate degree is also available through our online government degree program.

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