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Bachelor of Arts in Theatre

Course Requirements

General Education Requirements(49 credits)
Biblical Worldview: Regent Cornerstone and Capstone (6 credits)
GENE 100 The Making of the Christian Mind (3 credits)
GENE 402 The Making of a Christian Leader (3 credits)
Biblical Worldview: Christian Foundations (9 credits)
BIBL 103 Old Testament Studies (3 credits)
BIBL 104 New Testament Studies (3 credits)
BIBL 111 Introduction to Christian History and thought (3 credits)
Written and Oral Communication (6 credits)
COMM 110 Public Speaking (3 credits)
ENGL 101 English Composition (3 credits)
Critical Thinking and Analysis (6 credits)
ENGL 102 Research and Academic Writing (3 credits)
GENE 150 The True, the Good, and the Beautiful (3 credits)
Quantitative and Scientific Literacy (7-8 Credits)
Mathematics (3-4 credits)
Choose one course
Math 101 Mathematics for Liberal Arts (3 credits)
Math 102 College Algebra (3 credits)
Math 201 Statistics (3 credits)
Math 211 Calculus (4 credits)
Math 220 Discrete Mathematics (3 credits)
Natural Sciences (4 credits)
Choose one course
BIOL 101 Introduction to Biology with Lab (4 credits)
EASC 101 Introduction to Earth Science with Lab (4 credits)
Cultural Perspective (15-16 credits)
Global Studies (3 credits)
Choose one course
GEOG 101 World Geography (3 credits)
HIST 205 Western Civilization I (3 credits)
HIST 206 Western Civilization II (3 credits)
HIST 211 World History I (3 credits)
HIST 212 World History II (3 credits)
SPAN 101 Introductory Spanish I (4 credits)
SPAN 102 Introductory Spanish II (4 credits)
SPAN 210 Intermediate Spanish I (3 credits)
SPAN 211 Intermediate Spanish I (3 credits)
Literature (3 credits)
Choose one course
ENGL 205 Literature of the Western World (3 credits)
Economics (3 credits)
Choose one course
ECON 101 Introduction to Economics (3 credits)
ECON 120 Microeconomics (3 credits)
Arts (3 credits)
GENE 200 Art and Culture (3 credits)
U.S. History (3 credits)
Choose one course
HIST 201 U.S. History I (to 1877) (3 credits)
HIST 202 U.S. History II (from 1877) (3 credits)
Total General Education Credits Required: (49 credits)

Please note: the information shown on these pages is for general reference only. Please refer to the academic catalog in effect at the time of your admission for specific requirements related to general education and other academic programs.

Theatre Core Requirements (33 credits)
THEU 101 Introduction to Theatre** (3)
THEU 105 Stagecraft (3)
THEU 181 Practicums in Theatre Production* (6)
THEU 314 Play Analysis (3)
THEU 402 Modern Drama (3)
THEU 405 History of the Theatre 1 (3)
THEU 406 History of the Theatre 2 (3)
THEU 496 Portfolio (3)
Student must take 6 credits of from the following list to fulfill their arts leadership requirement:
THEU 310 Playwriting (3)
THEU 320 The Business of Theatre (3)
THEU 321 Costume Design (3)
THEU 322 Fundamentals of Directing (3)
THEU 323 Scenic and Lighting Design (3)
THEU 324 Stage Management (3)
Additionally, students are required to take 15 credits from other Theatre offerings. Up to 9 credits can be chosen from the following courses to fulfil the Theatre elective requirement:
CTVU 256 Fundamentals of Post-Production (3)
CTVU 310 Screenwriting (3)
CTVU 345 Lighting Aesthetics and Design for Cinema-Television (3)
CTVU 460 Directing (3)
ENGL 377 Shakespeare (3)
Other course substitution may apply and will be considered through a formal petition from the student to the program director.
General Electives (23 credits)
Total Degree Hours: 120
* THEU 181 must be taken for a minimum of six (6) and maximum of nine (9) credit hours. The student should register for THEU 181 their first six (6) semesters in residence. Transfer majors may transfer in as many as three (3) credits of any equivalent of THEU 181 approved by the program director. Late declaring majors will not be required more THEU 181 credits than semesters remaining in their course of study. To clarify, a Regent student declaring a major in theatre at the beginning of the junior year with no prior production credits would only be required four (4) credit hours in THEU 181, which is the number of semesters remaining until graduation. Should the student continue study beyond the fourth year, the student would be expected to continue enrollment in THEU 181 until graduation or until six (6) credit hours have been earned. The same standard is applied to transfer students who transfer without prior or sufficient production credits on their transcript.
** The catalog states: Students may double-count a course applied to general education requirements (for example, between a general education requirement and a major), but they may not triple-count any course (for example, they may not apply the same credits to a general education requirement, a major, and a minor). If THEU 1012 or THEU 132 is taken in general education, it will satisfy THEU 101 or THEU 132 in the major as well.

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